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This weekend I hit several garage sales and then a couple of quilt shops.  And I actually bought something!

The first sale I picked up the ruler, cutting mat, and quilt books.  Yes, I already own a copy of the first edition of the DWR book, but can I find it?  The second sale I picked up the crate of “strips” propping the books up.  Turns out it’s not all 100% cotton, but the crate itself is worth the price.  I will have new strips to add to my strips and string buckets just as soon as I go through them.

Now on to the quilt shop purchases. A friend and I drove up to Hamilton to Missouri Star. She was looking for something specific, I was along for the ride. I picked up the two stacks of neutral charm square for my Star-A-Day project.  Since the last time I was up there (either 1 or 2 years ago) they’ve opened up three new stores — a reproduction store, a holiday store and I a store I guess I would call “modern” – solids and blenders.  It’s my understanding they are planning a batik shop next.

Afterwards we stopped back in Cameron at Quilting Connections and I picked up two FQs. I’m going to need to buy the background fabric for my Star-A-Day quilt and I think one of these will work nicely. I want to get a few more stars made before I made up my mind though.

Speaking of stars, I need to pick more fabric as I’ve made up all the ones I traced off last wee.


One Thought on “Shopping!

  1. Wow this week end for me is all about the grandchildren. Today the 8 year old granddaughter started us out with a soccer game then to the 13 year old granddaughters soccer game. Their mom and I and the 4yearold granddaughter and the 2.5 year old grandson and that darling 8 year old soccer player stopped at Subway picked up lunch then off to the 9 year old granddaughters soccer game.
    Then the youngest played at the adjoining park then off for some cold water and fresh fruit and enjoying the children just being children.
    Tomorrow only soccer for the 9 year old her soccer is a bit different than the 13 & 8 year olds …..more games more travel greater cost
    The 4 year told me she was born first, of course she was not even grandma can argue with a 4 year old about birth order!!
    Glad you had fun buying quilty things and spending time with a friend with a friend this week end.

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