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More Stars



Two stars are from Monday, the blue one is from yesterday. I’m partway through another star, but got distracted by going and getting this sewing rocker.



Well there was also the distraction of thinking I had to replace a zipper in a formal dress by Saturday. After getting the young lady to try on the borrowed dress, it became apparent that the zipper was the least of the problems and another dress is needed.

Additionally, I ripped out the stitching where I attempted to machine stitch the binding down on the DWR. It still hasn’t made it into the sewing machine. Maybe tonight.

2 Thoughts on “More Stars

  1. Lovely rocker, I can’t tell if yours is the one I am looking for. The one I want is lower than usual and there is a drawer under the seat that slides out on the side to hold your hand sewing needs. I’ve only seen one in person and it was not for sale.
    Your stars are lovely

  2. Glad the mending job got cancelled. I hate remodeling clothes. Cute Stars and Rocker! There are some fun Antique stores near you!

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