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Slow Progress

May has sprung, along with the end of year concert and graduation season.  Throw in a quilt show and a couple of quilt classes and an unexpected quilt and the month is filled up before it ever begins.

I now have the top half of the SBS Swap quilt stitched together.  Last night I pinned the left and right section together along with the blocks for the next two rows on the next section with the hope of finding a few minutes to stitch them together.  I got up early this morning and used my extra time to do just that.  Since concert #1 is tonight and then I’ve got help clear the stage of the chairs and stands afterwards.  It’s going to be a long day.

I’ve got the next section pinned and ready to sew whenever I find another few minutes.  Perhaps tomorrow morning.

One Thought on “Slow Progress

  1. It looks great. You are a BUSY lady! My Quilt Book arrived -I blogged about it this morning.

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