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What Color is Eeyore?

I’ve been enhancing my stash.  I needed fabric in cello, Piglet & Eeyore colors.  Cello was easy.  We have a few stringed instruments in the house that I could use for reference.  I thought I’d be smart and buy a plush Eeyore and Piglet.  They won’t be lonely — I have at least 3 Tiggers, one which always goes to sewing retreats to stand in for Seven and provide “cat approval”.

Anyway, I bought the Eeyore (apparently Baby Eeyore) and matching fabric Friday night. DH thought he was too blue.  I couldn’t find a Piglet.  So, this evening off to the Disney Store we went.   DH thinks this Eeyore is too gray.   I think we saw three different shades of Eeyore.  But I’m going to go with the grey as I’m using the lavender fabric as a background.

Now to figure out how much fabric I bought for tomorrow’s Stash Report and more importantly to figure out the pattern!

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