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Sometimes Choices are Easy


Yes, these are wonky string geese like the ones that Bonnie are making.  Her pattern can be found HERE.

It was not my intention of starting a new quilt. (Isn’t that what we all say?) But since I have this basket of shirt tails to deal with, I figured I could play with some of the resulting strings.

I keep telling myself that I don’t have yardage in my stash – but then I find exactly what I need. Admittedly I knew I had 2 or 3 yards of the yellow — I bought it to use as the background of a stack-n-whack with the Halloween Micky Mouse.  Yellow skies weren’t my first choice  I thought they would be too bright and in your face.  My first choice was scrappy dark green — scrappy on the theory that I “don’t have yardage in my stash”.  I was surprised to find 1 1/2 yards — exactly what I need for 125 – 3 x 6 geese.  Except it’s not.

The yellow is the best choice.  And there is plenty of it so I can make a bigger quilt if I desire.  I’m thinking 150 geese.

2 Thoughts on “Sometimes Choices are Easy

  1. A good start to do on Bonnie’s Birthday. She is good at making us want to do what she’s doing. I still have to put my Easy Street Blocks together. I didn’t even do the DWM post this week. That’s a first since about 3 years of them. Nothing to show and I was gone to the memorial for my FIL. Love the string geese you made. The green ones could work into the border or corners somehow.

  2. These are GREAT! I am working on some string geese myself. Mine are patriotic themed. Can’t wait to see the final project!

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