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I have two Black Walnut trees in my front yard.  Some years there are an abundance of walnuts and others not so much.  I’ve figured out why this year is not a good year.


All day long when I look out my window I see the squirrels running across the yard gathering the nuts.  Yesterday afternoon I took my cell phones (I was waiting on a call), Kindle and camera and sat out on the front porch.  The pictures will enlarge if you click on them.

Heading Up the Tree

Around he goes

Do you see him?

There he is.

Made it down with 2 nuts!

Here comes another

No Tail!

By this time my I was on the phone.  We have rabbits in the back yard, so at first I thought it was a baby bunny — but it’s the wrong season.  Sure enough this guy went up the tree. As far as I know rabbits don’t climb trees, to it must be a tail-less squirrel.

At this point I went back inside.  This morning I opened the door to get the mail and found this.

A gift?

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