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Working With My Stash

I love working with my stash — but then I love scrappy quilts.  This is good since I have very little yardage in my stash — it’s mostly FQs.  However, there are occasions when FQs simply won’t do.  My next new project is one of those.  Fortunately I only need 1/4 to 3/8 yard of 4 different fabrics.  I’m keeping this simple – red, blue, gold and white/cream.

I’ve found the red, blue and gold and now have to pick the white/cream.  Who knows by the time I finish this post I may have my decision.

Option 1 and 2 (left and right)

Option 3 and 4

Option 5

I tried to keep the lighting the same.  I think I’m leaning toward Option # 5.  While I try to make up my mind, I think I’ll see about cutting the red, blue & gold fabric.

2 Thoughts on “Working With My Stash

  1. starting something new and fun or another Mystery?? My stash is out of control, I have to admit. I chose to do the Stash report with Judy L, but Stash Enhancement is so much more fun!

  2. I like 5 too. It felt more alive and warmer.

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