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I’m not sure I can call this a Star-a-Day — yet.  The top left star is #1.  It measures about 3″ instead of the 3-1/2″ it should measure.  It took me nearly a week to get it finished.  Hand piecing is right up there with applique. Which of course explains why I’m trying to embark on making 365 stars by hand.

Star #2 is the turquoise and brown. I started working on it before I finished the first one and it’s just not going together well. It will have to be taken apart and made over again.

Star #3 – the lime, blue & pink one.  Well, this is about the 3rd time I’ve put it together.  I discovered starching the fabric really well before tracing the templates makes it much easier to line the pieces up.  However, my thread (a silk thread I use for applique) kept pulling out so I set it aside to work on star #4.

Star #4, the one with the lady bugs,  I finished earlier this evening. It’s not quite 3-1/2″ but it’s close enough and I switched threads. Once I finished it I ripped out the stitches on star #3 and started over.  It wasn’t until I tied off the end of my thread that I noticed I have a couple of pieces in the wrong place.  My husband suggested it was a design element.  Nope, simply the lack of concentration.

I’ve been told it takes about 10 stars to get in the groove.  I wonder if doing stars over counts.

One Thought on “Star-a-Day?

  1. Ah, why ah what is the reason you are setting a goal of a star a day by hand for a tear ? One a day is a lot !!! If you get good at it you could perhaps do several in one day. Sorry it sounds like someone else is doing one a day for a year so you are too.
    I’ve got family troubles today …son and daughterinlaw having marital difficulties I am Switzerland and i am so angry with both of them they have children who are being effected by the actions of the parents.

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