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And then there were six.  These are the first of 365 3″ finished LeMoyne stars I need for the Star-a-Day quilt by Karen Styles.




The idea is to stitch one star a day and at the end of the year you’ll have enough stars to make an 81″ x 81″ quilt.  The designer recommends that the quilt be assembled in sections as you go along so you don’t end up with a pile of stars at the end of the year.  I need a few more stars before I try to assemble my first section.

As for piecing them one a day, I can see an advantage to that – I did three last night and I can feel it in my wrist.  Given that I need to also be working on the DWR binding, I need to pace myself.

As for the DWR, I need to get it back to the sewing machine.  There’s a section which I need to re-stitch. It won’t take long, but it does require swapping the pressure foot on the machine and changing thread. I guess I’ll do that after work today.  That is after I stitch a few more of these blocks.  There are six laying on my sewing table ready for me to stitch the 2nd strip to them and a whole stack that need both strips.

Aug C0915


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5 Thoughts on “What’s On My Design Wall

  1. Your stars look perfect. Breaking it down to one a day makes the 365 you need not seem so daunting. And can I just say – 3″ My goodness. I love small blocks but a 3″ LeMoyne might even scare me away. Great job!

  2. I saw your 3″blocks on FB! Crazy but good to use up scraps doing the Stars. Sorry you have to go back and re-stitch your DWR. Did you miss getting all the layers in the 1/4″ seam? I hate when I have to go back and re-stitch a section when I’m tacking binding down. So close to the Finish!!!

  3. Yes. I would find 3″ to be a challenge. But I think the hand work would bother me more. Good for you. Love the Lemoyne Star.

  4. OMG! 3″ stars–are you kidding me?!! Are you hand piecing them? They look fabulous!

  5. Oh now a star a day makes since to me, and doing them by hand is perfert for the size you are making them. I haven’t done any hand seaming like that. Only hems, binding, repairs, I bet once you get the hang of it, sewing them will be very relaxing and a great take anywhere project. Years ago my husband was having heart rythum problems lots of quick trips to the hospital and them hours of waiting with him so I started doing stamped embroidery projects it was calming for both of us( I also got smart and would grab a snack or sandwich on the way out the door, they would feed him but not me and I’d be hungry and didn’t want to leave to get food and my husband didn’t want me to leave him alone either) everything is fine now his heart remains in normal beating pattern and he runs several times a week

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