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Stash Report

This was a lazy week in the sewing room.  I haven’t seemed motivated to do anything.  I think it’s because the “new” has worn off the Eeyore quilt and I know I need to get it finished, but I really enjoy piecing and want to make some progress on some other quilts are even start something new. Of course the other thing is I have finished two quilts in the past couple of months and that can also slow me down.

I did work a bit on my Double Wedding Ring this past week, so all was not lost.  I also make a couple of the Just Takes Two blocks, which is all the fabric I’m counting.  Late last night I spotted an old phone book and tore a few pages out of it to make some rectangle string blocks similar to Julie K’s.  Since I sorted my strings back when I started working on Orca Bay (which is still in a million pieces), I pulled my blue strings out and pressed them. So far I’ve made 4 blocks.  Who knows where this will lead.

Fabric Added Last Week: 0 yards
Fabric Added to Date:  59.338 yards

Fabric Used Last Week: .106 yards
Fabric Used to Date: 38.024 yards

Net Used for the year -21.314 yards

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