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Yesterday for International Quilting Day I did a bit of shopping and a bit of quilting.

It’s been a while since I have bought all of the fabric for a quilt at once, let alone paid full retail price – and I was overwhelmed by the cost. I thought I could expect to pay about $10.50 a yard and hoped to buy the fabric at the shop which was having a 20% off sale.  Unfortunately they didn’t have what I was looking for.  So it was on to the next shop.

Wonderful selection of fabrics, but a $1 a yard more than the first shop and nothing was on sale. I found what I wanted to use and then did the math. I was ready to walk out and regroup but my friend with me talked me into getting the gold on the theory that the black and beige would be easier to find. I did some more math and decided to get both the gold and the black, but only enough for the top. (I was planning on a black and gold checkerboard pieced backing).

So, it was on to the 3rd shop.  I’ll admit it. I looked at price, then I looked at the fabric. The dotted fabric is Dinky Dots by Loralie Harris and it has a copyright date of 2007 with a price to match. More importantly I love it. It’s not what I thought I wanted, but it’s giving the quilt  punch.

As for the backing? I decided I’d worry about it another day.

After a much needed nap, I started the quilt. It’s all cut, but about midnight I got stuck figuring out the pressing plan so the blocks will nest together and decided to call it quits. So there’s been lots of cutting this week (this quilt and Jared Takes A Wife), even some piecing, but nothing is finished and the numbers have gone up. But they’ll be going down before the end of the month.

I almost forgot. The week started off with a trip to the Goodwill Outlet where I picked up these:


As soon as I de-bone them, I’ll adjust today’s numbers.

Fabric added this week: 4.5 yards
Fabric added to date: 12.729 yards

Fabric used this week: 0 yards
Fabric used to date: 38.487 yards

Net used to date: 25.758 yards

To see if others splurged yesterday hop over to Patchwork Times.

One Thought on “Stash Report

  1. Dee Dee on March 16, 2014 at 9:58 am said:

    You have some great projects to work on – enjoy!

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