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Stash Report

This is the start of my second year participating in Judy’s Stash Report at Patchwork Times.  It is a new year, so I’ve reset my counters, since I still don’t know the total size of my stash. Although I can tell you how much larger it is today that it was a year ago.

I won’t pretend that I’ll escape the year without fabric coming into the house. Already I’ve received a FQ as a gift (Thank you, C!) and since I’m participating in a birthday FQ swap, I’ll pick up about 4 yards in May. Again the primary goal is simply to be observant as to what comes into the house.

On the outbound side, it would be nice hit the 100 yard mark again. I think I’ve got about 50 yards “planned” if I get everything done on my list. If I don’t hit 100 yards, I’d be happy to come closer to breaking even.

This past week I worked on Carolina Christmas and Oklahoma Backroads. And I cut the binding for Raising Cane so I wouldn’t accidently use it before I needed it.

Here are the totals:

Fabric Added this Week: 0.25 yards
Fabric Added to Date: 0.25 yards

Fabric Used this Week: 5.926 yards
Fabric Used to Date: 5.926 yards

Net Stash for 2010: -5.426 yards

I wonder how long I’ll have more out than in?

7 Thoughts on “Stash Report

  1. I like all those pink HSTs! Will you post about your Raising Cane when it’s finished? I’d love to see it. Take care, Dianne B. in England

    • I finished the top last week, but it hasn’t worked it’s way onto my list of things to quilt yet. I think I’m going to give it to my nephew for the baby that is due in May.

  2. This is my second year too. And I was trying to figure out my stash, but, I am just going to start counting from where it is now – or the last time I talked about it, and start from there.
    I have never heard of Carolina Christmas – is that the pink one?? Pretty.
    Have a great sunday!!

  3. Woo Hoo! Great start!

  4. Exactly my thinking: great start. And I agree with you that knowing what comes in and goes out is important. Looking forward to your Carolina Christmas quilt!

  5. Good start with positive usage! Looks like we all have big stashbusting plans for the year. Good luck!

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