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Stash Report – Final for 2015



My sister gave me a 3 yard length of this Nutcracker fabric for Christmas, it is the last of the yardage to be added to my stash for the year.


Week before last, I was given a bag of scraps – some with batting still attached. I finally sorted the bag out and have a lovely pile of fabric.


The binding for the Black & Bright quilt, plus the pillowcases, is the last of the yardage that is used for the year.

Overall for the year I think I did very well.  I personally only bought 59.448 yards of fabric — the rest , another 172.017 yards was either given to me or I won it.  You truly will be amazed at how much fabric there can be in a bag of “scraps”.

Total fabric brought into the house this year: 231.465 yards

Total fabric used this year: 177.859 yards

Net fabric in my stash: 53.606 yards

How did you do with your stash this year? Do you anticipate a different outcome next year?  I know I do. I avoided the thrift shops this year, but I’ve been asked to make another quilt from recycled shirts, so will be bringing in more shirts after the first of the year – at 1-1/2 yards of fabric a shirt and at most only using 1/4 of a yard from each shirt, I expect to have plenty of fabric left over. I’m guessing nearly 60 yards.

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One Thought on “Stash Report – Final for 2015

  1. The nutcracker fabric is very fun. Even though you ended in the red, you still had a lot going out this year. Good luck with stash management for next year, it’s always a challenge.

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