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Thanks for the Input

Yesterday I asked if I had too much white space before my green border.  The consensus is no.  Which is good — that means I don’t have to frog the borders.  I’ve set the blocks this way to fool the eye into believing all the blocks are the same size – which they are since I added white coping strips to the smaller blocks.  Anyway, since I know the measurement of the ‘coping strip’ I added before the green border I can’t tell if I added to much. It’s not like I needed the quilt to be an exact measure to fit a pieced border — I just needed that red cornerstone square to not butt up against the green border.

There was no quilting last night as my husband and I attended a concert – The Low Anthem.  At least this time when we walked into the bar they didn’t ask us if we were the parents.  That happened a few weeks ago when we saw My First Born.

This evening no concerts, but I’ve been on a mission to finish cutting the fabric for the log cabin quilt I’m working on as a leader/ender project.

I started sewing the red and neutral squares together June 1st, or there about.  Now I have less than 60 light logs to make the block square.  I’ve cut fabric for 180 – 7 ” blocks, but I think I’m only going to need 168 blocks for an 84″ x 98″ inch quilt.

So, if I’m using this as my leader/ender quilt, why the push to get it all cut?

Well — I now have a completely contained project that I can take to work on the next time my quilting buddies get together to sew.   We are over due for a sewing weekend, but our schedules simply haven’t meshed.

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