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The Final Countdown – Task Two

Shelly over at Prairie Moon Quilts is again hosting the Final Countdown — a set of tasks to clear the deck so to speak to get us ready to quilt in the new year.

Task Two – Tackle All the Flat Surfaces

Boy do I need to do this. I can’t really start on Task One until this is done as some of the stash is on the bottom and I’ll need to cut and press.

Shelly’s questions:

  • So what are your plans for your flat surfaces? – Find them. Since I’ve not been quilting much, they have become catch-alls — the cutting table, the ironing station, the floor between the ironing station and the design wall, the small table beside my sewing machine and the treadle machine.
  • Which flat surface seems to cause your biggest problems? – Generally speaking the floor — it’s a catch-all for stuff from the other rooms — although since I’ve not been sewing the cutting table is piled high.
  • How will you be dealing with this going forward? – In a methodical manner.  I need the cutting board cleared so I can stop cutting on the ironing station. The ironing station needs to be cleared so I can press a top and backing that I need to quilt sooner than later, then the treadle and small table need to be cleared so I can quilt it. That leaves the floor last which goes hand in hand with Task One getting the stash under control. I wrote this yesterday and then brought in two boxes of upholstery fabric samples from Craigslist. That and looking for the camera tripod resulted in me clearing the floor first. Although it’s more of a case of stacking neatly to make room for the new blocks. I really need to locate my companion angle ruler, so I’ll start with the ironing board and the cutting board then circling back to the floor.

It’s a good thing we have until the 6th to complete these tasks.

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