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The Lesson Didn’t Take…

Or I learned the wrong lesson.

After pushing to complete 10 quilts in 3 months, then sitting idle for nearly a month recovering, you would think I could focus on just one quilt.  The one that needs to get done.   The one that is overdue. But no, there are 34 quilts on my WIP/UFO list and another 33 quilt tops waiting to be quilted (including the overdue quilt top).

While I wasn’t quilting, I was making a list of 14 quilts which I want to see progress on (some to finish, as in quilt, bind and label; others just get the top done.)  And I’m sure it will get longer before the end of the year.  There are five more months left in Judy’s UFO Challenge and 7 quilts on my challenge list, which are not already on this list.

This combined with the heat & a clean sewing room, I can’ t figure out what I want to work on next.

So, I took a page from Shelly’s Procrastination Challenge.

On slips of paper I put a step for each quilt I want to see done by the end of the year.  The slip has the quilt name and one step — for instance the QIAD Christmas Row Quilt has multiple steps – make cornerstones; sash blocks; assemble center of quilt & add borders.  I just want the top done by the end of the year, so quilt; label & bind are not included.  Some quilts say things like “quilt one ring” x 15.  If a quilt has multiple steps, only the next step goes into the bag — and I also have a slip called “press scraps for 15 minutes and cut up”.

This is the step I picked tonight:

It’s almost enough to get me in gear and sandwich the Crossword Puzzle quilt.  I’ve given up on the True Friends quilt — or more acurately I’m not sure how I want to assemble it.  So, it will stay on the design wall until I either need the wall or figure out what I’m going to do with it.

My husband’s new shirt needs another buttonhole.  I think I’ll go make it.  Then decide if it’s cooled off enough to manhandle the Crossword Puzzle quilt for sandwiching or if working on a row of the Green & Cream quilt is more appealing.

One Thought on “The Lesson Didn’t Take…

  1. Ooh, I like that idea . . . I may have to borrow it back! I haven’t done so well on my own Procrastination Challenges this year. I thought I’d have gotten more done by this point. Heck, it’s August now!

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