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The Return to Quilting – Tomorrow



Other than helping my young friend with her wall hanging, there’s been virtually no quilting going on for the past few weeks.  Which is obvious when you read my blog.  I’ve cooked and I’ve read.  I did wash some shirts with the intent of ‘de-boning’ them, but not having a place for the resulting fabric has somewhat slowed me down.  I think I’ve done two of the shirts.

This weekend I hope to change that.  Friday night is Stitch and Chat at Quilted Memories.  Some of my quilting buddies and I are planning to go.  It’s been a while since I’ve been — maybe October?  I don’t have a machine piecing project that is portable enough to take, so I’m planning on taking my DWR.  It’s been languishing for a while and I want to make some visible progress on it.  It’s on this month’s “Getting It Done!” list.

Then Saturday the ladies are coming over to my house for a day of quilting.  Perhaps these two sessions are just what is needed to get me into gear.

Now I’m off to straighten the sewing room and setup two more tables.  There’s going to be 4 of us in here sewing Saturday!


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