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Those Crazy Mediums

I’ve got a basket of shirt parts which need to be used since I don’t really have a place to store them. There are also several quilts I want to make using the shirts. So, my solution.  Start cutting for new quilts. Good thing I didn’t say I wasn’t going to start any new quilts this year because I’ve started two this past weekend!


The stack on the left are the dark fabrics for 3 Nifty Thrifty blocks from Bonnie Hunter’s Scraps & Shirttails. The top center are my 1 1/2″ squares for the postage stamp quilt I’ll eventually get done. Mustn’t rush into anything you know.

The stack of fabric pined with the pink pin are 10 – 2 1/2″ x 10″ strips for Rectangle Wrangle from Scraps and Shirttails II also by Bonnie Hunter. This quilt uses lights and darks (and in my world mediums).  For the size I currently plan to make I need 300 strips so I  have a way to go.

Of course the bottom three piles are the darks for my spool blocks.

I would have started Hand Me Downs from the first Shirttails, but even with what I thought were good notes I quickly got confused. I stopped cutting and made my first Nifty Thrifty block. It was a good thing I did. It taught me that I need to cut the pieces for each block and not just the strips. 19 to go, unless I decide to make a bigger quilt than I have planned.


But this brings me to my post title. Those Crazy Mediums.


Mediums can either play as a dark or a light.  I  have no doubts the pink stripe, 4th from the right and the windowpane plaid next to it are lights.  That green in the middle, I pulled from the basket thinking it was a dark, but pair it with the dark green 2nd from the right or the red on the left and it’s a light.  Put it with the pink stripe or windowpane and now it’s a dark. The blue plaid 2nd from the left I thought was a light, again but with the windowpane plaid or pink strips it becomes a dark.

I guess I’ll prep the shirt fronts from the basket and if it’s a medium I won’t decide which team it plays on until I get through all of the shirts.  I can’t just cut strips and decide later (well, I guess I could but see my previous comment about getting confused) since I need a 2″ strip and a 2 1/2″ square from each dark fabric.

In the future I may reconsider cutting fabric for multiple quilts at once.


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