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Thread and Plaid

I ran out of thread this evening working on the new quilt.  This spool of thread lasted me about 22 months 9/9/16 – 7/19/18. Yes, I made a note on the spool when I started it. But then I couldn’t find the spool I purchased in June in anticipation of this day.  Crawled around on the floor under my sewing table since the cats and I are constantly knocking stuff off the table. No luck.  I remembered having it when I was working on my Carolina Chain quilt in the living room, but it wasn’t in that box.  I knew I could make due with another color of thread for my piecing tonight, but I needed to locate the new cone of thread for my class Saturday.  I’m going to make the Jelly Roll Quilt and I understand it takes a LOT of thread.

Naturally, almost instantly after I posted on Facebook that I couldn’t find my thread I turned around and spotted it in another box I had open in the living room last month. Now I have to decide which machine I’m taking to class Saturday. My Husqvarna Quilt Designer or my Singer Genie. In the meantime, I moved forward on the pastel shirt quilt.

This is just shy of 1/4 of the quilt.  It will be 6 more rail blocks wider and 9 more rows longer — if the fabric holds out.



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