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Mellow Yellow Rug


Yes, I’ve jumped on the Jelly Roll Rug bandwagon.  I had been thinking about it since I saw the first class in my area — but it was at the same time as my trip to the MQA June Gathering, so naturally I didn’t sign up for it.

While on the trip I bought a Benartex jelly roll at Tuesday Morning — I had heard fabric could be found there, but personally had not seen any.  Of the 3 or 4 choices I picked Sevilla. I thought the yellow would go in my sewing room and the price was right.

The next step was to get the pattern.  My sister nabbed a pattern at the quilt show we went to in Wichita.

When I bought the batting to recover my ironing board, I decided to use the leftovers for my rug — when I got that far and after I got my own pattern.

But then Creative Hands was doing a class for $30 and it included the pattern and batting.   Sold!

Taught in one day, we started making our ‘rope’ from the center. After about 2 -2 1/2 hours we stopped and started on the rug.  This is NOT the way the pattern lays out the instructions but it worked.

Mine had a “peanut” shape when I brought it home. The thought was it would press out.


But when I straightened it, it waved big time.  So, I ripped all the way back to the first curve.  I started with a seam ripper and realized quickly that was going to take forever.  So,  I got out the eyebrow trimmer that Alison gave me to put with my quilting notions.

Click HERE to see the eyebrow trimmer at work on my rug.

Once I was done ripping, I started again, this time, going around that end differently (no, I’m not sure I can explain it), resulting in a much flatter rug.  I did press it once after a couple of rounds, but after that, I just sewed and the rug is flat!



One Thought on “Mellow Yellow Rug

  1. Cathy on July 22, 2018 at 11:05 pm said:

    I’m impressed, that is lovely!

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