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Thursday Night Quilting



I’ve bounced between Out of the Blue (hanging off shelving) and Nifty Thrifty the past two days. Wednesday I started sandwiching Nifty Thrifty and got the backing spray basted. I even rolled the top onto the 1 x 6, but walked away at that point to work on the binding of Out of the Blue. Tonight I spray basted the top of Nifty Thrifty, then finished the binding on Out of the Blue.

Once I finished the binding, I cleaned the machine, changed the needle and wound 6 bobbins so I could begin the quilting on Nifty Thrifty. I’m doing simple cross-hatching so I don’t think it will take long. I hope to have the quilting done so I can take it with me when I go hear Bonnie Hunter on Sunday, although it won’t be bound. I have no idea what I’m going to use to bind it — maybe the red that I used in the Red Disappearing 9-Patch?

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