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Too Clean To Quilt

I did not take before pictures – it was too bad.  There are those who would say this room still is too bad to post, but I’m excited — if I can get over it being too clean to quilt in.

Yesterday afternoon we put up a new set of shelves which allowed me to get a bunch of boxes up off the floor.   I know, I know, I should go through those boxes but quite frankly they were taking up so much room I didn’t have room to sort.

To get the room to this point, I emptied my recycling bin and my trash can twice each, collected a bag of books to take to the library, a box to take to the fabric recycling place, hauled a bin of old muslin to the basement,  took an empty milk crate to the basement, hauled out all the shoes except for one pair, removed a layer of dust off the furniture and swept.

Now, I have to find a project to work on that won’t mess up the room too badly.  Perhaps some of the Christmas BOM blocks that I’m behind on.  I know there is at least one maybe two which are prepped for the machine applique.

3 Thoughts on “Too Clean To Quilt

  1. Can you come to my house, please?????

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  3. Denise on November 6, 2012 at 4:59 am said:

    I agree, can you come to my house too. Looks good. Space to sew, one box at a time and you will be able to find what is hiding and what needs to be competed. I’m in the same boat. But I need to move from a childs bedroom that has slanted ceilings to the basement that has tall ceiling for tall shelving units like yours

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