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What’s On My Design Wall

At first glance it looks like nothing.  And I suppose technically that’s true — either that or there’s just threads on the wall.

But what I’m excited to show today is that the entire wall is assessable.  And, no, it’s not the trick of shoving the boxes over to the other side of the room — although I do admit to having a couple which still need to land in their final resting place.

My DH finally talked me into another set of shelves.  They were sitting in the garage unused so all we had to do was buy a set of wheels and assemble them.   They are just visible on the right edge of the picture.

There are now three sets of shelves on the front wall of my space.  Ultimately I want to get rid of at least two of those sets, but I’ve got to get rid of “stuff” to make it happen.

It’s not much, but I already have a box full of old quilting/sewing/crochet and cross stitch magazines/books which I plan to take to the fabric recycling place.  I’ve got a paper sack full of paperback novels which I’ve either read, or won’t get around to reading (love my Kindle!) those will go to the library for them to either put on the “free” shelf or sell.

Since there’s still a bit to do before I can actually sew again it may be two weeks before I have anything on the wall again.  But I had to do this.  My area had just gotten to the point where I couldn’t do anything without spending 15 minutes clearing an area so I could sew/cut only to have to move it again so I could work.

Hopefully others will have more inspiring design walls.  They can be checked out over at Patchwork Times.

One Thought on “What’s On My Design Wall

  1. I saw a “Design Curtain” not too long ago on a blog and so now I am trying to decide if I should hang a curtain rod over my double bi-fold closet doors… or just keep using my design floor.

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