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Too Clean?


It’s been two weeks since we cleaned the house.  OK. 1 1/2 weeks.  It was in decent shape by Christmas, but definitely company ready (beyond my standards) by the 28th.  We’ve kept it clean.

The quilt rack from my sewing room is stored in the basement.  All of the Christmas decorations have been collected, boxed and stored under the basement stairs. The dining table, coffee table and wing back chair are back in their usual positions.

The bed was made this morning, the laundry, although not caught up, what is washed is put away, it’s 7 PM, we’ve eaten and the dishes are washed.

So why can’t I quilt?

I think it’s because it’s too clean.  Back when we lived in Texas I had my house this clean and I couldn’t sew or do counted cross stitch.  I was antsy.  Couldn’t sit still.  At the time I wrote it off to being afraid of messing things up.  Not wanting to get up to do something else and leaving anything out.  But tonight I had a revelation.

Quilting is my escape.

If the house is clean I have nothing to escape from.

Clearly I’m going to have open that box and throw bits and pieces around. It’s too clean and I have a quilt to make.

One Thought on “Too Clean?

  1. evelyn on January 8, 2013 at 7:33 pm said:

    I really wish that I knew what it felt like. I cannot remember the last time my house was clean. LOL Maybe your inner voice is telling you that you want to start a different project than the one you are planning, or use a different pattern. Hm, won’t hurt to take a day or two to listen to that little voice.

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