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UFO Progress

It’s time to report on our UFO progress.

I needed to finish Noah & Memory for August, not to mention that I didn’t get Evergreens & Christmas Star finished from September.  🙁

Of the four blocks, I only finished Memory — and that was back on the 2nd!

The number for September is 11. That means it is the Red & Tan Row Houses.

I may have to rethink September’s blocks since they are appliqued.  I’m still waiting on my stitch card which will allow me to use a stitch other than straight stitch.  I might be able to piece the window panes — or I could do one of these two blocks from another month:

We’ll just have to wait and see if I’m able to get a new stitch card.

See how well others have done on their UFOs over at Judy’s.

2 Thoughts on “UFO Progress

  1. Some months are just that way. Love your row houses project. Better luck with September’s UFO.

  2. Any progress is better than no progress! Better luck next month.

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