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What’s On My Design Wall


I worked on a couple of things last week.  I finished 6 Scrappy Trips blocks on the treadle.  I’ve got a whole stack of strip sets waiting to be pressed.  It’s dawned on me that 48 – 12″ blocks is bigger than I really want.  With a 6 x 8 layout that makes the top 72″ x 96″.   So, I may have a few extra blocks when I get them done.

On the edge of the ironing board is a stack of Black and Bright Swap blocks from 2007. The 4 blocks up on the wall with the green sashing are part of the set.  I’ve had the design ready to go and the fabric bought for nearly as long, I just hadn’t sat down to do it.

So, with plans to attend a UFO workshop on Saturday, I pulled out the blocks and fabric to see exactly what I could cut ahead of time. I cut the fabric for 4 of the 8 knot blocks, then got so excited to see progress, I promptly sat down and make the 4 blocks and put the center of the quilt together.  At this rate I’ll have a good bit of the quilt done.  But I’m sure I can find something else to work on if needed.

Finally over on the far right are the spool blocks I made while working with the swap blocks.

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5 Thoughts on “What’s On My Design Wall

  1. Loved seeing all the projects you’re working on.

  2. The knot blocks are FUN. Thanks for sharing your progress. I’m just trying to avoid starting a search for a TREADLE. You and Bonnie and Kathy in Canada are sure tempting me.

  3. Your black and bright blocks are great. Have fun at your Saturday UFO workshop.

  4. dezertsuz on April 15, 2013 at 1:20 pm said:

    I love your black and bright! That is going to be awesome. I’m jealous you have a treadle and get to sew on it. I want a treadle or a hand crank, not picky which one. I just want to be able to sew away when the electricity goes out. I have plenty of propane lanterns to give me light, and I hope to find a machine in working condition that I can afford, sometime in the next year or two.

  5. Love your black and bright project, those corner squares look complicated. It’s going to be a beauty when it’s all finished.

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