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UFO Parade


It is said that you can’t fix a problem until you know the extent of it.  Along those lines, Judy over at Patchwork Times has challenged her readers to identify their UnFinshed Objects and put them on Parade.

Quilt Tops

When the parade was announced, I thought I knew my numbers – split between Quilts in Progress and Tops to be Quilted.  But when I pulled everything out I found 4 projects not on the list and one which needed to be removed.  In my world, if it’s a Project In Grocery Sack, it’s not considered a UFO.  I might decide to use the fabric for something else!

Anyway, the two collages above represent my Quilts in Progress (top) and Tops to be Quilted (bottom).  Click on them to enlarge — click on the tabs above to see the current list with links to individual pictures.

There are 41 Quilts in Progress and 36 Tops to be Quilted.

The quilts I’m actively working on are Scrappy Trips on my treadle; Black and Bright Swap Blocks; 3″ Spool blocks and Postage Stamp as my leader/ender project depending on what I have cut; and hand quilting on the Double Wedding Ring. Additionally, the Alphabet BOM is active (although I don’t have this month’s block done yet) and when I know I’m going to be waiting, I’ll take along the Redwork Snowmen or the ‘Twas Night Before Christmas Quilt-A-Long blocks, although admittedly I’m a month behind on the later.

Now that I’ve identified the extent of my “problem” what can I do to fix it?

#1 – don’t start anything else new until something either moves to the To Be Quilted list or actually gets finished.  Of the 9 projects I’m actively working on (there are 2 TNBCs) 4 of them were started this year!  Which is actually a wash as I’ve finished 2 projects (three if you count the pillowcase) and moved two projects to the tops list.

#2 – keep up with the BOM/Quilt-a-Longs.  There are 8 of them on my list, but only 3 are current. When I fall behind it is easy to set it aside for something else saying “oh, I’ll spend one day and catch up”.  If I’m not careful, the TNBC will fall that way.

#3 – focus and finish.  With the exception of the leader/ender projects, can I really work on multiple quilts at once?  I started the Scrappy Trips to have a project for my treadle machine.  I’m enjoying the machine and I think it will be a great quilt, but I can’t have no desire to haul my treadle to this coming Saturday’s UFO retreat.  So, I’ve pulled out the Black and Bright blocks and I’m excited to work on them – so much so, I didn’t wait for Saturday.

#4 – set aside time each month to do handwork.  I attend a Stitch and Chat each month when I don’t have to work and that’ s when I work on my DWR. Another night each month would prevent me from getting further behind on the TNBC and make faster progress on the Redwork Snowmen.

For the most part having all these projects does not drive me crazy.  Oh, sure there are a few that pester me – Bellance Bag, Frog Quilt, & Eeyore come to mind, not that they are in my current “9”.  The fact that it doesn’t drive me crazy is possibly how the list got so large.

Now that I’ve put my UFOs on parade, I wonder how many I can get crossed off or moved up by the end of the year? I’m going to aim for 5 Quilts in Progress to move up to the To be Quilted list; 3 Quilts in Progress to be finished and 5 tops on the To be Quilted list to be finished.

Hop over to Patchwork Times to see other entries on the UFO Parade.

9 Thoughts on “UFO Parade

  1. I like your collage idea. I added a UFO Parade Tab at the top of my BLOG too. I’ll have to keep better track of my progress and NOT START ANYTHING ELSE THIS YEAR, lol

  2. dezertsuz on April 15, 2013 at 4:23 pm said:

    I like the solution-oriented approach you’ve taken. Your collages are wonderful, though!

  3. A plan is the best way to make progress and you’ve got that. You have some very pretty projects on both lists.

  4. Thank you for posting these. I feel better now (although I should probably dig things out and take pictures just like you did)!
    Now following you with Bloglovin.

  5. Julianne on April 15, 2013 at 8:40 pm said:

    I like your plan…

  6. Those goals sound do-able!

  7. I like how you separated the two groups. I may need to copy your plan 😉

  8. Good luck on your plan. Isn’t this parade sobering?!?!

  9. Wow! what a list. Your quilts are gorgeous and it seems like you have a good plan to get them done.

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