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What’s On My Design Wall



My Star-A-Day project is on the wall today.  I’ve been pushing myself to get ‘caught up’ on the stars and last night I finished the 28th star and I was able to assemble the section.  Spending so much time on this quilt to get it going has meant I’ve not worked on anything else. Now that I’ve I’m only working on a single star a day and it has ‘clicked’ and a star is not taking me 2 hours to make, I should have time to work on my other projects. But first I’ll select the fabrics for the next two weeks of stars.

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6 Thoughts on “What’s On My Design Wall

  1. What a great project! Your stars are wonderful. Love the different backgrounds.

  2. Looks good. Smart idea to do it in sections. I’m glad the stars are not taking as long now. Hand piecing is supposed to be relaxing.

  3. If you can “kit” up a bunch of star kits you’ll be all set to sew while waiting every where. I am making Christmas gifts in my waiting time. I am knitting rugs from tee shirts I’ve cut up. I’ve just thought my self how to knit so I am just using the knit stitch. My only problem is that I am able to knit faster than I am about to cut up the tee shirts. It’s messy cutting the tee shirts so I am not able to cut them up during mostly my waiting time.
    Your stars are so lovely and the way you are sewing them up as you go you’ll have a whole quilt made “in your spare time”
    I say to my daughterinlaw who has 5 children when you get a chance … so is that on the way to the bathroom and on your way out ? As I know the children need you as soon as the door closes

  4. looks good Pam

  5. What a great idea for making quilt blocks. What you have up on the design wall is beautiful.

  6. Your tiny stars are looking wonderful!

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