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What’s On My Design Wall



This week I’ve rearranged the batik blocks to get the stars up on the wall. I have two more stars made which are not pictured, so I’m still on track.

Surprisingly, the Star-A-Day quilt has been taking a big chunk of my time. But hopefully I’m good to go as I’ve prepped the stars for the rest of the month.

The last week of September,  I pulled fabric for the October stars.



I stacked it all in my star box and couldn’t lift the box with one hand. So, I decided to further refine each kit. Last night I finished kiting up the October stars.

The pieces are traced and cut out, including the setting square.  I’ll explain those tiny squares in a minute.



They are then stacked up on the setting square.



I fold the setting square over to contain the pieces.



And stuff it into a business envelope which I’ve created 3 pockets by stitching through.



I did this for all of the sets which I’ve not stitched and filled 7 envelopes  for 21 prepped stars.



I’ve put two envelopes, a few pins, a couple of needles, thread, scissors, a pen and a glue stick into a pencil bag. It takes up much less space on my side table than the star box. The rest of the envelopes are in the star box in the sewing room.


So, why do I need those 3 tiny squares, a glue stick and pen? I’m keeping a journal of my quilt progress.



Now that the stars are under control (at least until the end of the month) maybe I can work on a second project — but will it be the batik quilt or one of the Craigslist projects? I’ll tell about those tomorrow.

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3 Thoughts on “What’s On My Design Wall

  1. I am in awe of how organized you are. Thanks for sharing your process. The star blocks look great.

  2. Stars are looking good there, all packed and ready to travel. I like the idea for keeping a Journal of the stars and including how you chose the fabrics. Had to click on the pic to read it. Craigslist project—hmmm. sounds interesting.

  3. Great way to organize your take along project!

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