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What’s On My Design Wall

I’m still working on the birthday quilt, specifically the borders. But in the meantime, I still have the swap blocks up on the design wall and the Caterwauling panel.

Not that I’m going to rush into this anytime soon, but I’m thinking about how I want to use the panel. At the moment, I’m considering cutting the blocks apart and then setting them with black and white pieced blocks with a splash of color. Now what blocks is the question. I’m leaning toward blocks with a ‘cat themed’ name. My husband also suggested looking up our cat’s names. That provided entertainment for a few minutes last night.

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3 Thoughts on “What’s On My Design Wall

  1. Your husband is easily amused thinking of blocks with you. I might suggest a bowtie block with the bright color as the “bow”. I do them in 3-d, so fun. Cats need a bow around their neck.

  2. I like the cat panel – how cute! And there are several cat-named blocks. Puss in the corner (10 variations on this one alone), Cat and Mouse, Cat’s Tails. It would be fun!

    • Thanks for mentioning Puss in the Corner. When I started looking for blocks that’s one I was thinking of but couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t finding it. “Cat” is not in the title. Humm… I wonder if I’m tired?

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