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Working Organically

backingB4I’ve been working on this backing ‘organically’  — no real plan just pulling blocks and sewing them together.  But last night I started to worry about whether or not I have enough parts and pieces to make this top 72″ x 90″.  It’s time to put pencil to paper to graph out the bottom portion of the quilt.


That’s when I discovered that it’s not that I’ve got the quilt pinned to tightly that’s causing that buckling, but rather I’ve managed to get an extra inch of fabric in the middle of what I’ve pieced so far.

extraThere are two issues.

  1. The 8″ square made from the pink and green pinwheels is 8″.  I only have 7″ of space there. Solution – I’ve got a big 7″ pinwheel that I’m going to add a 1″ strip to the bottom of and put in a 7″ x 8″ block.
  2. The 8″ blocks to the left of the pink and green section I squeezed into a smaller space than I should. This also explains why I needed to trim the butterfly fabric on the left hand side by some weird #.



So, it seems I’ll be doing a bit of frogging tonight after dinner.

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