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I made my first quilted item as a visual aid for a math project in 7th grade. Over the next 25 years quilting was hit or miss, but quilting took over all the other crafts I've done in 2003.

A Test Quilt

So, this is my practice quilt – well about 1/4 of it. Just tons of HST and blocks.   I have all the HSTs made. Half of them still need to be pressed and dog ears trimmed off.  I need to cut more neutral squares.  As for the practice, not only will I have something to practice my quilting on, I have discovered that I need to build the top differently to get the seams to nest together. So, this has been a great exercise.

As I’ve worked on these blocks I’ve added a few more Easy Breezy blocks. I think while I’m cutting the squares for the RWB quilt, I’ll cut squares to alternate with the Easy Breezy blocks. I have just about enough to make a toddler quilt.


Easy Breezy = 78


New Quilts in the Queue

Actually it is two new quilts.  My last post had me picking fabrics for a sampler quilt (Quilt #1). This is my final decision — but I haven’t started it since it was a crazy week at work and I never made it into my sewing room.  I was able to play a bit in EQ. I’ve designed a quilt for a wedding gift for my nephew and his wife.  They requested whites and creams with a hint of sea foam and lavender as shown in this color palette:

So Saturday I headed to Quilters Haven in Olathe,  Kansas to look for batiks.

I seldom buy fabric in one go for a quilt – especially if it is going to be scrappy, but that’s what I did.   So this is Quilt #2. But before I start cutting into the fabric I want to make certain I have the pattern correct – not to mention have a quilt I can practice my quilting on when I get that far.  So I pulled red, blue and neutral FQs from my stash to make some practice blocks. Thus Quilt #3 – although it’s the one that is currently being worked on.



Fabric Choices for a Sampler Quilt

If you’ve read my blog or followed me on Facebook, you know that I’m a scrappy quilter, so only using 3 fabrics — the same 3 fabrics throughout a quilt is a challenge. Especially since until recently I didn’t have much yardage.  Now I have yardage, but very little in the way of prints that could be used for borders.

I think I found 4 maybe 5 prints with enough yardage, but then finding 3 fabrics to go with it was a challenge.  I came up with these 2 options.

Background –  Soft yellow, “Dark” – Fuchia, “Medium” – Turquoise


Background – Gray/White dots, “Dark” – Fuchia, “Medium” – gold/yellow

The plan is to use the black with gold sparkles as the accent border and sashing.

Now I’m wondering if the second set of fabrics works with either the butterflies or abstract print.  I guess I’ll be sleeping on this for a bit until I get the pattern worked out.




New Collage Pictures

Since I was up early this morning for a work thing, I worked on updating the collage pictures. I found pictures of all of the tops waiting to be quilted.

I found pictures for all but 5 of the quilts. I wasn’t able to locate 2 of the projects. I suspect they are in a bin under my longarm.  I’ll dig them out before the first of the year.

Updating the Blog

This blog has been neglected for the past few years, so tonight I updated my “Finishes”. Not all the pictures are great, there aren’t blog posts for every quilt and there are no dates listed.  But the “Finishes” are up to date.  “Tops to Be Quilted” has a current list, but picture is out of date. The “Quilts in Progress” has been updated in the same way.

Moda U is Loaded

Saturday I turned in my Suffrage Quilt. I’ll post a picture as soon as I can.  The next thing on my list was getting the Guild Challenge quilt webpages built. Once that was done it was time to find something to work on.  I pulled this 2007 -2008 BOM out of the box – primarily because I have a wide back for it.

This Moda U BOM was presented by Heritage Fine Fabrics in Belton back in 2007-2008.  The patterns were simple line drawings with the measurements – no instructions on how to sew the pieces together.  Connie, the shop owner, asked me to write instructions and put together a couple of quilt layouts. I designed this one to leave plenty of space to show off quilting.

With the quilt loaded and thread picked, I started to wind a bobbin.  The winder wouldn’t wind!  Nothing I did could make it work. I called my longarm dealer and they didn’t have any in stock.  I posted my lament on Facebook and a guild member offered me hers as she won’t be using her machine for the next few weeks.  I was back in business Sunday afternoon.

I have no idea what I’m going to do in the border & sashing, so for now, I’m doing stitch in the ditch and I’ll come back later.  In the meantime, my sister showed me how to drop a block into a boundary. So each of the unpieced blocks will have this wreath.


I’m making up the rest of the quilting as I go along.  I tried a bit of computerized cross-hatching in the background of this block.

Keeping Busy

A few more things have been crossed off the list — including the pillowcase for Narragansett Blues which I decided not to make. I planned to use the backing fabric, but since it bleed so bad….

As for the quilt, I mentioned I fixed the spot on the binding.   Here’s the quilt hanging in my living room on a temporary sleeve. There’s just barely enough space on that wall.

I finished the two Flying Dutchmen quilts from the February 2009 Lotto blocks.  Both of these quilts were give to Hope House.

Then I temporarily misplaced this piece of banner fabric.  This is what I am to use in my Suffrage Quilt.  Needless to say, I was in a panic trying to find it.

I suspected it got grabbed up and stuffed in one of my fabric boxes by accident, so pulled all of the “FQs” out of their boxes looking for it. I didn’t find it.

So I asked if any of my quilting buddies wanted to come help me look.  Karen said she’d come over.  That morning I found the fabric in the bag of stuff I needed to cut into strips. Karen came over anyway and helped me put all of this back together.  She boxed while I finished folding the cat FQs.

Then I got to work on the Suffrage Quilt.  I’m happy to report that it is quilted and just needs to be bound. I’ll show  picture of it as soon as I’m able.

A Smidge More Fabric

Instead of throwing away the fabric and batting scraps that are too small for me to use, I’ve started collecting them to give to a woman in my small guild who uses them to stuff dog beds for the shelter. After cleaning my space this week, I had 2 bags full. Since the guild is not meeting, I drop them off at Show-Me-Quilting, in Raytown. A smidge more fabric came home with me.

The red  on the top and the black on the bottom will be used with the crazy blocks I bought at auction a few years back. The dinosaurs and hexagons will go into kids quilts, and the dotted fabric goes into my stash.  Now to figure out where to store the fabric from the past two days.  At the moment it’s neatly folded and stacked on a chair. I’ve got to sew to use it up.

Speaking of using it up, I pulled down my Flying Dutchmen Swap blocks and have started the quilts. The blocks will be framed in gray. The sashing will be be pink with gray cornerstones. I’ll finish it with a grey border. That will be 8 yards plus backing out of the stash, and another thing crossed off The List.

I crossed off Fix Narragansett Blues. I didn’t catch the bottom right 3 pieces under the binding very well and it pulled out after washing.  This is the result of my fix. While crossing things off,  I crossed off the pillowcase I planned to make.

Easy Breezy = 68

Another Full Day

It was another full day. At this rate I’m going to need a vacation from my vacation.  After finishing my ‘frankenbatt’ I quickly loaded up the “Ugly” quilt on the frame and started quilting it. All but the last pass was finished prior to heading out to StitchOn in Lawrence, Kansas were I needed to pick up fabric from a Facebook Live order.  When I got home, I quickly finished the quilting.  I think the name of this design is Bamboo Shoots. I boldly used green thread in the bobbin as well.

I even got the binding applied!

While I was working on the binding, I loaded up the kitty/hearts/flower quilt, which I quilted with hearts and flowers.

I had just enough of the yellow star backing. This time I used a purple thread.

Here’s a closeup on the front.

All of this quilting and a visit to both StitchOn and another to Peddler’s Wagon.

and another to Peddler’s Wagon.  They only had 3 yards of the “wheat” colored fabric, which now that I think about is more accurately described as butternut.

That bottom piece is a beautiful border print.

My SIL asked me what I was going to do with it and have no idea. But I’ll think of something.

On, my Folder Corner Ruler came in today. We weren’t expecting it to arrive until  Saturday. It’s a funny story.  I ordered the ruler from Quiltville.com along with a couple of other things last week. I received a notice that the package was shipped within a couple of hours. The next day I check the tracking number and the package is in Florida.

I thought that was odd, since usually the packages go through Knoxville or Nashville on their way to Kansas City. The next morning, the package was in Jackson, Mississippi. That’s when I discovered I had the package mailed to my SIL! She popped it into the mail and it arrived 2 days early! So, later today after I get the binding on the kitty quilt, I’ll resume working on my Shimmer.


Vacation Squirrels!


I don’t have to go back to work until Tuesday, which is good because I’ve been distracted by a few ‘squirrels’.  First up, this lap quilt.  It’s a variation on Simple Simeon, a Villa Rose pattern. The top was first, then a pieced backing.

The binding is attached to the back, folded to the front and stitched with a decorative stitch.  I quilted it with a dragonfly pattern.


Before I finished the dragonflies, I got distracted by some fabric in my stash.

I’ve had the cat and butterfly fabrics for a while.  The pink flowers are slightly newer, and the purple was bought for the border on the Log Cabin quilt.  I haven’t figured out a backing for this yet, but hope to have it quilted and bound before I go back to work.


Monday or Tuesday morning I watched a video on what to do with your ‘ugly’ fabric. I like this better than I thought I would. I found backing and binding in my stash and made a ‘frankenbatt’. It should be finished tomorrow.


A quilt shop about 30 minutes from me on the north side of town, is going out of business. I’ve not been able to get up there, but earlier this week I received an email. 75% off.  Since I was off, I decided to go to see if I could find anything.

Today’s adventures take me to 2 other quilts shops — the trip has been planned for a couple of weeks, but I may just have to swing back by the shop going out of business. I want to see if they have any of the ‘wheat’ colored fabric left. I bought 3 yards, but now I’m wishing I got more.


I cleaned my sewing room, putting away the fabric which has been laying about as well as the fabric I purchased. There is still some on top of my boxes, but mostly backings.

With all of these squirrels, I have managed to cross a few things off The List.

Not only are Ruby’s quilts trimmed, she should have them this afternoon.

Easy Breezy = 66