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2010 Final Countdown Task Three

Task #3 of the  Prairie Moon Quilts 2010 Final Count down challenge is:

Deal with a bunch of scrap

But before I can begin Task # 3, I have to finish Task # 2.  I’m happy to report that Task # 2 is completed.

1 – the ironing board

Yes, there’s a pile of fabric on the ironing board, but that’s what I uncovered clearing the flat surfaces and what I’ll deal with for Task # 3.

2 – guest sewing table


3 – the cutting table


4 – my sewing table

I did not just shuffle the stuff around.  The batting was put up into the appropriate bins, the quilting patterns and magazines filed, the paperwork sorted (filled up my under-desk recycling bin), stuff which doesn’t belong in the is room hauled out (and put away), quilt parts and pieces gathered and folded together.

Now, off to deal with that pile of fabric on the ironing board.

2 Thoughts on “2010 Final Countdown Task Three

  1. Wow! I’m so impressed! Great job — what a difference. I’m especially impressed that you didn’t just move the stuff and that you actually dealt with it. Much greater sense of accomplishment, huh?

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