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2010 Final Countdown Task Two

Task #2 of the  Prairie Moon Quilts 2010 Final Count down challenge is:

Clear off a flat surface in your sewing area

I need to spend a couple of hours on the flat surfaces of my sewing room.  There are four of them – not including the floor or my desks and chest of drawers 🙂

1 – the ironing board

It’s not too bad — but then I had just dumped a bunch of stuff on the floor so I could play with some fabric.

2 – guest sewing table

It’s a flat surface, so what can I say, we come into the house from the garage and dump everything here.

3 – the cutting table

I recently cleared the guest sewing table and ironing board by dumping everything on to my cutting table.  When I need to cut something I pull out a mat and put it on the ironing board.

4 – My sewing table.

Ignore the open binder.  That’s a rolling cart with a work binder on it.  The pile of stuff on the right is a combination of personal and work papers I haven’t needed in a while.  Mixed in are parts and pieces of at least one quilt, and a windbreaker.

So what did I do instead of clearing these flat surfaces?  Made the pillowcase to go with No Blue Geese in my Tropical Garden.

It should count toward cleaning up – the fabric needed to be put up and  I needed a pillowcase.    Actually, I’m working on the  areas and have made progress on three of the areas.  Look for pictures either later tonight or tomorrow.

3 Thoughts on “2010 Final Countdown Task Two

  1. You’re so brave to take a picture of the Messy part of your flat surfaces. I would have to clean up a lot if I took that Challenge! Maybe I’d find the UFO’s I’ve been looking for…

  2. I love that you have gone above and beyond. I should clean off my daybed, which is where I seem to dump everything while it’s waiting to be cut, put away or handled in some manner. Maybe later…

  3. I’m laughing so hard right now! That is SOOO something I would do — ignore what needs to be done and go make something. This is how I get into the messes I get into! You’re being quite ambitious, tackling 4 spots. I myself have a couple more that need help, but even I only tackled one for this project! Way to go . . .

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