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2010 Final Countdown Task One

Prairie Moon Quilts is doing 2010 Final Count down challenge. Nothing elaborate, just simple tasks to get us up and in gear.  Here’s task # 1.

Find your oldest UFO and do something about it

I guess it depends on your definition of UFO.  I think generally, quilters think of UFOs as projects which are tossed aside, never to be worked on again unless someone prods  you to.  So, with that definition I guess the “honor” goes to my Christmas BOM which I started August 21, 2003.  For some reason, I’ve kept detailed notes. I can tell you when I made each block that I’ve got completed.

Why is is still languishing?  That’s easy.  I finished all the pieced blocks and all that remain are the applique blocks.  Ok, that and I thought I wanted to make it bigger, so I needed more blocks. I used my perfect “reindeer fabric” on another quilt — it was a perfect brown — and I stole my friend’s stash of the same fabric to finish something else.  And finally, there’s always another project calling my name.

So, what am I going to do about this UFO?  Put it back on the shelf and go with a different definition of UFO.  I’m going to use the simplest definition of UFO — UnFinished Object — meaning the quilt that is the oldest that is not finished– I just happen to be working on it so some might say it’s WIP – Work-In-Progress.  That honor goes to my  Double Wedding Ring  which I started in September 1989.

At the moment it’s stuffed in the basket and tucked behind the table — had to get it out of the way when I cleaned up for Christmas.  I’m sure everyone is tired of reading about this quilt. I missed all of my latest sets of deadlines – Nov 29th our 25th anniversary; Dec 22nd the last day to turn in a  UFQ project at the LQS and Dec 31st the last day to turn in  UFO on my on-line challenge (hey- no way I can quilt 20-21 rings and bind it by midnight Friday).  So, since all my “deadlines” have been missed, I’m simply going to work on this quilt with the intention of finishing it sometime in 2011.  Maybe I can get it done in time to hang in the Guild quilt show in April – wait -that’s another deadline.

Seriously though, my 3rd oldest UFO — one that is stuffed in a corner and not being worked on – is a BOM from April 2005.

This one got set aside for all of the usual reasons. – found something else to start, not excited by the setting, etc.  This one I have a plan for in 2011.  It’s quilt #12 on my UFO Challenge for Judy.  It’s on both lists — needs to be pieced and needs to be quilted since I’m doing it quilt-as-you-go — so there’s no getting around it when she calls # 12.

Well, I hope this listing of my 3 oldest UFOs – regardless of definition meets the challenge issued.




6 Thoughts on “2010 Final Countdown Task One

  1. Wow! My first overachiever! They all count! I’m still debating whether to join Judy’s UFO challenge — I’m skeered!

  2. In enjoyed reading your post. I’m skeered to even go look at my list of UFOs. It’s at least 50 long…. Here I go!

  3. Visiting from Shelly’s place. My UFO is due to applique, too, but I am going to face it and get tough this year. First: finish the pieced part. No excuse for that part being unfinished, right? Thanks for sharing. Deanna.

  4. I popped over as a good friend of Finn’s…I’ve just finished her big New Year’s Eve Challenge and now I’m discovering all kinds of new ones for the beginning of ‘next’ year!But your projects might just inspire me to get out of Finn’s easy chair and start sewing again ;)Right now, I’m just having too much fun going through blogland and meeting all kinds of new and wonderfully nice quilters…like you! Happy to meet you 🙂

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