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A Day of Quilting

Saturday was the day I got to use my sister’s new Innvova long arm machine with Mach 3 (the computer). I packed a lunch, then grabbed 3 quilts — the two pastel quilts and my black and white Strip Twist as it had the batting folded up with it.  But first there was a stop to pick up a roll of white batting.

For these quilts I picked Urban Elementz Stetson and Boots. I started with the smaller of the two quilts.

Then it was on to the larger quilt. Before it was time for dinner, the second quilt was done.

I think I did a halfway decent job with lining up the backing given it was only about 1, maybe 1-1/2 inches wider than the quilt. Before loading the quilt I sewed muslin to the backing so there was enough to work with. In this picture I had already removed the muslin from the sides.

After dinner, it was time to load the 3rd quilt. I pull out the backing and it’s been cut! Fortunately cooler heads prevailed and it was determined that I just needed to cut the backing in half and sew it back together. In retrospect, I think instead of cutting part of it off, it was only 45″ wide.  What was throwing me it that it had a “fuzzy” selvage edge and a “cut” edge.  With the crises adverted, the quilt was loaded on the machine.

When I was gathering my quilts Friday night I was debating what color thread to use – Black, white, gray, or something else.  I spotted some lime green fabric on the shelf and thought I could add a flange to the binding to give it a pop of color – so I also picked up “Kiwi” thread.  For the quilting, I picked “Summer Buzz” by Quilters Niche – flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, bees, and leaves.

I did not get it finished.  I ran out of bobbin thread and when we reloaded the bobbin the tension was off and the thread was breaking. After about 4 tries we shut it down for the night. We figured after a good night’s sleep things will look better.  So, I’ll go back out to my sister’s after breakfast and hopefully finish up this quilt.

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