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And the 3rd Quilt is Quilted

It turns out the needle needed replacing, which upon reflection made since.  My sister had quilted a sampler and another smallish quilt prior to my two pastel plaid quilts, so the needle easily had 8 hours on it.  I have no idea if the 8 hr “rule” applies to long arm machines or not, but I have heard that about domestic machines.  If we had not been so tired, we might have figured that our ourselves.

I’ve trimmed the two smaller quilts so they are read to be bound — once I settle on binding.  Gracie has taken up  residence on the black and white quilt, so I have not trimmed it yet. In theory I have the binding made, but I want to add the pop of color in the binding, so I’ll be remaking it.  But all of this if for some time next week (8/20).

My husband and I are going to the Rod Stewart and Cyndi Lauper concert and the windows are being replaced across the front of the house. So that means this week is full with making room for the installers and removing the window treatments.  Then of course, we’ll need to put everything back.  Given that my sewing room is in the front of the house there simply can’t be any sewing.  Which is just as well.  I still am ripping out the quilting on En Provence.  I didn’t work on it this weekend.


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