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I made my first quilted item as a visual aid for a math project in 7th grade. Over the next 25 years quilting was hit or miss, but quilting took over all the other crafts I've done in 2003.

Another List?

Yes, I’ve written out another list.  This is just the stuff I see sitting around the sewing room. I’ve decided I need to get a few things done to clear the deck so to speak before I start Shimmer.  Well, that and I have started 2 new quilts and figured I needed to work on my UFOs again. I suspect this is more of an attempt to keep myself from starting a new quilt that I can throw on the long arm and have the computer quilt.

I’ve always said I wanted to work my way into custom quilting and with Cascade I have confirmed that is what I want to do.  Which is good, since I have a stack of quilt tops that I want to do some sort of custom quilting on. The only issue is that if I’m standing at the quilting machine, I can’t be piecing.  I haven’t worked that one out yet. I guess I need to work on a few quilts which won’t benefit from custom quilting. But not today.

This is the 2nd weekend in a row I’ve had to work.  At the moment, it looks like I’ll be up early for a couple of hours, then will sit back and wait for a conference call at 4.  I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one more gets thrown in.  So, my plan is to finish up  Baubles ‘n Beads.  Then bind Cascade and make a hanging sleeve for it.


Easy Breezy = 51

Shopping via Facebook Lives

These days a number of quilt shops are doing Facebook Lives to bring the quilt shop to their customers virtually. Although it’s not a new phenomenon, there has been an uptick in the number of shops which offer this service.  The first event I remember attending was for First City Quilts in Leavenworth, Kansas the summer of 2019.  I caught the tail end of the event. That’s where I first saw Baubles ‘n Beads and knew I wanted to make it.  Now that I’ve started it is coming together quickly.

Stitch On Needlework Shop in Lawrence, KS offers 2 live events each week.  Monday and Thursday at 11 AM Central. Although it wasn’t a live event, a summer 2019 FB post is what drew me to the Radiance collection of fabric.  Just recently they showed Shimmer during a FB live. I plan to use the rest of my Radiance bundle to make this quilt.

I was recently introduced The Quilted Cow in Branson, Missouri via their FB Live Party in Your PJs.  That’s a lively hour or two.  Interestingly, it’s possible to not get everything you “order”.  The first party I attended I ordered a panel and something else, but by the time my order came up in the queue, they only had the panel.  I  have no idea what I’m going to do with this panel, but I do like the free pattern the designer has which uses 2 placemat panels and a couple of coordinating prints.

This past week, I ordered a few more things including this humming bird panel. I think I will just quilt this and call it done.

Show-Me-Quilting does their event a bit different.  Beth records the show and hosts a Watch Party where she answers questions live and you can request your items. This week I fell in love with this Ol Saint Nick panel by Hoffman Fabrics.  It was shown twice. I passed on it the first time, but the second time it was suggest that cutting it up and using it in an attic window block would make a cool quilt. I watched the Missouri Star video on how to do it and decided I had to have the panel. Fortunately there were still some left.

It’s time for me to stop shopping for a bit.

Over the past 2 weeks these items came in the house, mostly via a FB event.  The purple (or is it navy?) with gold dots is from Show-Me-Quilting. No idea what I’ll do with it, and after the trouble I had locating more of the Kansas Troubles Fabric I bought 3 yards.  Speaking of the Kansas Troubles,  I called Kansas Troubles Quilters and asked if they had any FQs of the fabric I needed for binding Cascade. They were able to find 2 Fat Eighths!  The rest of the items are from my 2nd Quilted Cow purchase.

I think it’s time to put down my mouse and get back to the sewing machine.


Baubles ‘n Beads Progress

Bauble ‘n Beads is moving right along. After paper piecing the starbursts for Atomic Starburst, these “baubles” were simple to knock out in no time.

Applique is another technique I’m not real fond of either, but it’s moving right along.  Everything slowed down once I started the satin stitching.  Note to self – middle satin stitch, reduced to 3.0 wide, reduce pressure foot pressure to 5.0.

Easy Breezy = 49

Radiance Bundle Continues

Yes, this is the start of a new quilt.  Bauble ‘n Beads by Cat Nix Designs. The fabric is Radiance by Dan Morris for QT Fabrics.  If you think you have seen this before, you have.  It’s the same fabric that I used for Atomic Starbust, designed by Violet Craft.

Yes, I’ve finished piecing the top.  I now need to trim the top to size and get it quilted.

Easy Breezy = 48

Sisters Swap

Back when I first started quilting, I was involved in a number of block swaps.  These three quilts are the results of a 2005 swap hosted by Cotton Patch Quilt Shoppe in Tawas City, Michigan. 35 quilters participated in this swap. The blocks sat for years until I determined how to set them.

I opted to split them into 3 groups and pulled an orphan block from my orphan block box so I could make 3 quilts with 12 blocks each.

That’s my swap block in the bottom center.

The blocks came from all over the world.  The top left block is from Australia.

This quilt has my extra block. It’s the top right.

All three of the quilt tops were completed the week of May 25th.  They were quilted the same week on my Innova. I used the computerized Edge-to-Edge pattern All Leaf Simple by Sweet Dreams Quilting Studio. My thread was Glide Basil. The batting Legacy 80/20.  They were finished using Susie’s Magic Binding. The quilts each finished at 60 x 76 prior to washing.   The 3 quilts were donated to Hope House via the Candlelight Quilters in Raytown, Missouri. Due to Covid-19 I dropped them off at Show-Me-Quilting.

Easy Breezy = 46

Atomic Starburst Progress

Yesterday I added the sashing to all of the blocks.  I started sewing them together, but discovered quickly these diamonds have no nesting seams so it’s tough to get the intersections to match.  My seam ripper is going to get a work out as I put this top together.

But first, I need to prep more Easy Breezy blocks.

Easy Breezy = 43

Time to Sash

All 18 starbursts are complete.  Now it’s time to sash and assemble this quilt top.

No Purple Starbursts

My FQ bundle, Radiance by Dan Morris for QT Fabrics has 7 different patterns in 5 different colorways – turquoise, pink, yellow/orange, green, and purple.  I also purchase 2 tone-on-tone FQ in each of the colors with the intention of making 4 stars in each colorway, 2 from each fabric. When I made the first purple block I realized immediately there wasn’t enough contrast with the blue background. I made a star from the 2nd FQ and decided that the contrast works, but it is not vibrant enough to complete with the other stars.

I trundled off to the LQS where it was suggested that I use orange instead of purple.  I picked 2 orange FQs, but when I got home the thought of 4 yellow stars and 4 orange stars was too much.  Since I am only using 30 of the FQs from my bundle in the quilt, I pulled the tone-on-tone FQs from the bundle to make one star each – except for the purple.

There is at least one star from each fabric in the picture.  I think I’ve made at least one more star since this picture was taken.

Easy Breezy = 41

Then There Were Three

That is 3 starbursts that will go into my quilt. Each one gets a bit faster. Which is not to say they go fast. The last one I made took me about an hour.  I’m struggling with getting the background cut big enough, then orientating it in the correct direction so when I flip it back it covers everything it is supposed to cover.

Meanwhile, I finished the quilting on my SILs Narragansett Blues.  I’ll get both of the quilts trimmed, then I’ll box them up and ship them back to her to bind.

Easy Breezy = 40


Another Quilt is on the Frame

This in Narragansett Blues – not mine, but my sister-in-laws.  She gave me free reign, so I picked Overlapping Crop Circles as the quilting design and red thread.

Before I loaded it I need to piece the backing. Two widths wasn’t quite wide enough, so I quickly made some 4-patches and pulled out some blue bricks leftover from when I made my Narragansett Blues.

I have some work to do on the Guild website so I don’t  know that I’ll get it finished tonight or not. My sister is coming out to use the machine Friday, so I’ll have to have it done before then.

Easy Breezy = 40