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Stash Report

My birthday was last week, and for the last few years I’ve participated in a Birthday FQ Swap. These are the beautiful fabrics which I received.

I also participated in a new to me shop hop. Some fabric came home with me — but not much. A few FQs and a charm pack for my Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler, one just because, a music (it’s hard to stop collecting those) and a 2 yard piece which I’ll probably use for the backing of the 2nd baby quilt from my Carolina Christmas blocks. This shop hop did a shop hop quilt, and since the theme was red, white & blue I only bought the blocks since I’ll put them with the red, white and blue blocks I received in the birthday block swap I’m participating in (post on that later). Since some of the shops have pre-cut the pieces and I just have to sew them together, I’m not going to count that fabric in — nor will I count it out.

I did get some sewing done this week and some I was able to count in this week’s report. Borders sew for the baby quilt and enough blue and white or red and white bricks sewn together to make 34 Star Struck blocks.

Now the numbers (corrected):

Fabric Added this Week: 10.75 yards
Fabric Added to Date: 134.556 yards 120.181 yards

Fabric Used this Week: 3.819 yards
Fabric Used to Date: 42.882 yards

Net Stash for 2010: 91.674 yards 77.299 yards

Are we sure this is not a race to see who can collect 100 yards? Check out how others are doing by following the links over at Patchwork Times.

Review of August 2009 Quilting Goals

Here it is the end of the month. I must say I’m pleased with what I accomplished. I don’t know if I set more realistic goals than I’ve done in the past or simply stayed focused for the most part. Perhaps it was a bit of both.

* At least 2 sets of blocks for the SBS Brown/Blue Swap

The 3rd set was completed 8/9

* Keep up with the SBS BOW

5 blocks turned in for August

* Finish star blocks to go with birthday swap blocks

not only finished the blocks, completed the quilt top 8/22

* Work on Josh’s quilt

completed hand quilting block #10 and started block # 11

* Make up mind about applique on table runner

decided against applique, repaired quilt, made and attached label 8/27

* Work on DWR – top needs to be done by mid-October

attached row of 5 rings, repaired previous work and made more rings

* Make rest of Birthday Swap Blocks

completed them on 8/12 and addressed envelopes for mailing

* Keep scraps cut up

no new scraps added to scrap bucket

* Quilt a baby quilt to get a finish!

This is the one thing I did not get done.

In addition to the above, I finished another baby quilt top (blocks already made) and I completed the shop sample for the Kansas Spirit BOM for my LQS.

Birthday Quilt Top

This afternoon I finished sewing the Birthday Blocks and Stars together. I really need to settle on a name for this quilt so I know what I’m talking about.

I used my Flip-n-Set ruler to make the side triangles and they came out so much better than if I cut a large square and cut it diagonally twice. The packaging on the back said to cut a square the same size as the finished block then cut it in half diagonally. As a result it’s about an inch too large – but easy enough to fix.

Originally, there was a border planned for this quilt — not that I had settled on a border. But I think I’m going with my DH’s idea of just binding it. It measures approximately 68 x 86.

What’s On My Design Wall? – 8/17

Last week I slowly got the Blue and Yellow stars sewn together into rows. Got to the setting triangles and realized I hadn’t washed the fabric. So, while it was in the wash, I took off for Heritage to pick up the finishing fabric for the Kansas Spirit BOM.

Boy did I have a scare when I got the first few blocks up. The contrast between the setting squares and the BOM squares was huge. I felt much better once I got the side setting triangles up — or at least the pieces for them up.

Yesterday I asked my DH about the quilt. The last time he had walked through the room I had the stars up. He was surprised that I had as much of the quilt done since it was a pile of fabric around 4 the previous day. It occurred to me later that he thought I had made all of the blocks and not just the setting blocks.

As soon as I get permission to post a picture of the quilt, I will. In the meantime see what other quilters have on their design wall by visiting Judy’s blog at Patchwork Times.

SBS Block Due 8/16

B-7 Swamp Patch

For this block I used the Companion Angle ruler and 1 1/2″ strips instead of cutting squares into triangles. I’m not sure how long I’ve had this ruler, but I know until I needed it for one of Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt I never used it.

Now to file under ‘clearing the counter’ is this orphan block:

About a year ago a group I quilted with made a quilt to auction off for charity. I think the kits were from a shop hop quilt from a few years earlier. Given that I had a limited amount of fabric – and no way to get more – I started to make a sample block. Once I saw that I wasn’t going to have trouble with the block I made the ‘real’ block and tossed the sample block into the scrap box. Back when I was working on my scraps I found the pieces and pulled it out. It’s been sitting on my sewing table for the past 6 – 8 weeks. Last night I decided to finish it. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it, but for now it’s in my orphan block drawer.

Also finished in the last couple of days are a couple of Mini Bow Tie blocks from Quilterscache.com for the birthday block swap. Sorry no pictures, because the birthday ladies occasionally read my blog.

All Stars

Not athletes, but rather all of the star blocks are done that I need to go with my birthday swap blocks. Cross one thing off my August list.

I still need to decide proper placement, but tomorrow and tomorrow. I guess it’s time to work on one of those tiny blocks.

Color Values – Part Blue

I dug in my box of blue fabric and found plenty of options. I don’t know if I’ll go with these fabrics, or keep digging.

Color Values – or is it Hues

After a week of 6” blocks, I decided I needed something larger, so I’m making 12” star blocks to go with the Pennsylvania blocks I received in a birthday swap. I put the first three up on the wall and stood back. Believe it or not, there is a different pair of yellow and blue fabrics in each block, but from a distance they all look alike. I need more contrast in the color values unless it’s hue. I can’t remember which, but I do know that if my “scraps” are so close in color/tone/value/hue I can’t tell them apart from a distance, then I might as well use just one fabric — not that I have enough of any single yellow or blue to make 20 blocks.

So an experiment was in order. Would you believe my folded FQs can stick to my design wall? Ok, I’m not certain any one of the fabrics is a full FQ, but still. But on to my experiment.

I pulled yellow FQs from my stash, threw them up on the wall and took a picture. Then I turned on grayscale. I think I’ve got enough variation when I look at ALL of the yellows. Now I’ll have to do the same think with my blues.

June’s Goals

On the QIAD Forum, there is a thread to list your monthly goals. By the time I posted them yesterday, my June goals had already changed. But here they are:

#1 on the list is still my nephew’s quilt, I’ve got 6 1/2 blocks left to hand quilt and then I’ll machine quilt the border. I don’t know if I’ll get it done by the end of the month or not.

#2 – a new project. I came home from the quilt shop with fabric for a quilt from 40 Fabulous Quick-Cut Quilts (Fall Frolic). I’m making the quilt smaller 5 x 6 blocks and I’ve used a charm pack and jelly roll. The blocks are made. I’d like to have this quilted and bound by next Friday. We’ll see.

#3 – Various blocks. I need to make a birthday swap block done, a Kansas Spirit block, and I’d like to make some of the star blocks to go with my birthday blocks.

#4 – Sashing for Ladder to the Stars.

#5 – I’ve got to write two sets of setting instructions for the Kansas Spirit quilt — or at least get them far enough along we’ve got a good handle on yardage requirements.

#6 – Simply because I’m looking for some handwork to take to Music in the Park, Theater in the Park and on our trip at the end of the month, I’ll work on my red work snowmen. I get done what I get done.

Wow. I’m exhausted just thinking about this. We’ll see how far I get.

Squishies in the Mail

I belong to several on-line quilting groups and participate in a couple of birthday swaps. As a result May is a month of Squishies. For the past 4 or 5 years I’ve participated in a centralized FQ swap. The hostess gathers the FQs from all of the participants at the beginning of the year sorts them back out and then the week of your birthday you get a package of FQ in the mail. The FQs I received this year are pictured above.

The second swap I participated in this year was a decentralized block swap. We were divided into several groups so the # of blocks wouldn’t be overwhelming and we make a block for the group members and send it to them for their birthday. We were allowed to specify colors and blocks if we desired. I picked the Pennsylvania block in blue and white. I plan to alternate these blocks with blue and yellow star blocks. Maybe by next year I’ll have a birthday quilt.