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UFO Challenge #12

I said  I was done when I finished the SQG 2021 BOM. I was wrong.

This is the Green & Cream or was it Cream and Green Swap Block?  Either way, the blocks were swapped in 2006. I don’t have notes to know what group I swapped these in.  Since it is that old, I started of doing quilt-as- you-go — not my favorite method as evidenced by it still not being finished 7 years after I planned to give it as a Christmas gift! Normally, I don’t TELL the person I’m giving them a quilt so I can just kick the quilt down the line, but this time, I gave them a piece of paper that looked like this:

In the past 7 years I managed to get the top two rows sewn together and to each other and had part of the 3rd row done.  Saturday morning I decided the only way this quilt was going to be finished was if I ripped out all of the quilting and assembled it so it could be quilted on the long arm.  And that’s what I did.  Before I went to bed, I had the quilt loaded on the machine ready to start quilting it.  I stayed up Sunday night after binding it to wash and dry the quilt.

I quilted it with 40wt Glide in Thyme.  The E2E design is Fresco Feathers.

Now to decide if I’m going to try and lift the green from the batik block or leave well enough alone.

2021 Starlight Quilters Guild BOM – Done

This is my version of the 2021 Starlight Quilters Guild Block of the Month.  I started it, then halfway through I started moving so it was put up in a box to be completed later.

With the possible exception of the background fabric, everything came from my stash.  The sashing fabric was purchased years ago when I was looking for a light blue to repair a vintage quilt. The backing fabric was left over from Shimmer.

I used Glide 40 wt in Magic Mint. I only had to wind one bobbin. The E2E design is Espalier. The quilt finishes at 40″ x 46″.

This is the last quilt on my 2022Brandon Quilters UFO Challenge that I expect to finish.  I’ll do a recap after the meeting on Monday.


A Christmas Project Before Thanksgiving!

In my quest to knock out the last few UFOs on my Brandon Quilter’s UFO List, not only have I finished a Christmas Project before Christmas, I finished it before Thanksgiving!  My SIL and I both bought this fabric when she was visiting us in July 2018.  I drove down after Thanksgiving to show her how to make flying geese, as it simply wasn’t working over the phone. I think she had her top done by the time I left to go home.  Due to my husbands death the week after I got back, my top languished.

This past April I finally made a decision on how I was going to make my wall hanging (it’s different from my SILs) and I finally figured out how to quilt it.  I found a Christmas Tree decorated in holly on my machine.  I morphed it to fit the space.  For the border, I pulled out a June Tailor wavy ruler and marked the wave on the top and used one of my curved rulers to guide the machine for a straight line.  At the top/bottom of each wave I put in a circle using the smallest hole on the largest swiss cheese ruler by Handi-Quilter. The pieced blocks was done in continuous curves with a “curly-q” in the corner squares and flying geese.  Suzi’s Magic binding finished the wall hanging.

To hang it, I cut square and folded them in half. I have a piece of lattice which I picked up at the hardware store to hold it up.  It measures approximately 16″ x 52″. I used Glide 40wt in Basil.


What’s On My Design Wall – A Finish

I have another finish this morning.  I started this sampler December 31, 2020, drafting the block patterns and giving them to my SIL. Then I decided to move. Last week I delivered the last of the block instructions, so it was time to assemble this quilt.  The only issue, is I didn’t like the fabric I picked for the sashing – it was too stark against the blocks.  I really thought it was going to be yet another quilt where the inspiration fabric wasn’t going to be used as the border.  I posted on Facebook my dilemma, and orange and black were was suggested. My original choice was black, so that wasn’t going to work.  So I took my blocks & the border fabric with me when I drove down to Gardensong.

I found an orange Grunge with pink and yellow highlights. I think it works.

The backing is a floral with all of the colors.  I bound it with the Grunge.

Started: 12/31/2020

Finished (top, quilted, bound and washed): 11/14/2022

Measures 51 1/4″ x 62 1/2″

Legacy 80/20 Batting

40wt Glide in Strawberry Blonde

Quilting design: Airborne

This is one of my UFOs with the Guild.

Finish It Friday

On this Finish It Friday I have 2 quilts to share.  First up is my Atomic Starburst, shown here hanging in my foyer on the new hanging rod.

This is one of three quilts I made with the FQ Bundle of Radiance + 10 ‘solids’.   I’ve finished Shimmer, and still need to quilt Bauble ‘n Beads.

In each of the diamonds I placed a motif from a Double Wedding Ring Melon, then morphed it to fit the diamond. I did ruler work in the sashings and the starburst blocks.


My other finish this Friday is my 2019-2020 Quiltville Mystery quilt, Frolic.

I enlarged it and changed up the borders.  It measured 118″ x 118″ before I quilted and washed it. Here it is hanging on my 12-foot quilting frame. I opted to do an all over Edge-to-Edge design called Fresco Feathers.

I only have 8-foot ceilings, so I don’t wait a minute, I have vaulted ceilings in my den, I might be able to get a straight on picture — if I had something wide enough to hang it on.  I’ll have to think on that for another time. Here it is on my driveway before binding.

I bought a wide backing, but it wasn’t wide enough, so I added in a strip with ‘extra’ blocks.  In reality I made those specifically for the backing.


Two Finishes

Over the weekend the long arm saw 5 quilts.  I started off with 2 mystery quilts from the Brandon Quilters. Friday night I quilted my SILs, then Saturday morning I quilted my version.

This is Starflower, designed by Tyanne Agle. Tonight we are bringing our finished quilts (or tops) to show as last month we got the final installment.  After washing the quilt measures 45 1/2″ x 61″. I used the E2E design Pretty Paisley by Jodi Beanish of Willow Leaf Studios. The thread is 40wt Glide in Lilac. The batting is Legacy 80/20.  I used the same backing fabric as I did on the Go! Big Crazy Quilt, but I pre-washed the fabric.  I didn’t have near the shrinkage as I did on the other quilt.  This quilt was started 1/15/22 and I finished binding it 5/1/22. It will be donated via the Brandon Quilters.

Auction Crazy String #3 is done.  This quilt is on my UFO list as “Pink & Black Auction Crazy Strings”. When I decided to enlarge it to fit a twin bed, I needed more fabric.  This quilt will be donated to the Mississippi State Veterans Home via the guild.

I used Anne Bright’s B2B design “Bubbles”. It is quilted with 40wt Glide in Kiwi and had Legacy 80/20 batting. After washing it measures 72″ x 86 1/2″.

The other 2 quilts are still waiting to be bound, so I’ll show them then.

Progress, a Finish and a Start

There was plenty of machine time Saturday.

Progress: Catching up on the Brandon Quilters 2022 Mystery Quilt – Starflower.  Monday we’ll get the finishing instructions.

A Finish:  The Mississippi Quilt Association 2020 Block of the Month. I waited until Saturday to stitch the binding down as I had to order a walking foot for my Singer Genie. Formal portrait to come soon. At the moment it’s in the dryer.

A Start:  I found more of string blocks from the auction in 2018.  These were separated because they were slightly smaller.  I’m trimming to them to 6-1/2″.  I have just enough that with a 1″ sashing I can set them on point and get a twin size quilt.

Up next, is the binding on the Crazy Quilt.


A UFO Finish!

Way back in 2005 I took a hand quilting class in preparation to hand quilt my Double Wedding Ring (DWR) quilt. I got the grid work done and maybe one of the swirls and set it aside – possibly because I spilled tea or Diet Dr Pepper on it.  Anyway I went on to quilt the DWR as well as the pieced blocks in my nephews quilt and this sat in the bottom of the box of UFOs and on the top of my UFO list since it was my oldest ‘top’.

The back of the pillow is this sweet vintage print from my stash. I watched this video to make the pillow cover.  Oh – it is a 16″ pillow form that my SIL gave me.


A Quilting Challenge – Really?!!

I’m living in a house which has NO room completed, so naturally, I’m going to participate in my quilt guild’s UFO Challenge.  I’ve picked 12 quilts which need to be completed and shown by December 5th, 2022.

1- Hand Quilted White Work. This is my oldest quilt “top” from sometime in 2005.  I took a hand quilting class in preparation to quilt my DWR.

2 – QIAD Green & Cream Swap from the fall of 2006. It’s my 3rd oldest UFO.

3 – Johnny’s Strip Twist.  I started this at a quilt retreat in 2016. I had problems with my 1/4″ seam, so started over. I have enough sections to make at least 2 quilts.

4 – Pink & Black Auction Crazy Strings. I bought the blocks at an auction in 2018. This will be the 3rd quilt I’ve made from them. I pulled the fabrics when I thought I was going to a Sit-n-Sew in December so I’m counting it.

5 – Christmas Wall Hanging. My SIL and I purchased the fabric for this quilt at the same time — July 2018.  Hers is finished, I have part of 1 block done.

6 – Frolic the 2019 Quiltville Mystery Quilt. This looks like it just needs to be quilted.  But I need to make the backing bigger, so I’ll be making more blocks.

7 – Baubles ‘N Beads – I made this top in August 2020 and just need to quilt it.

8 – Shimmer – I’m using the leftover fabric from Bauble ‘N Beads and Atomic Starburst to make this quilt. I started it  August 2020.

9 – Atomic Starburst – the top was completed in March 2021, which is why it’s listed after Shimmer.

10 – MQA BOM – I finished the quilt top the end of September 2021 – so it is possible to piece with the house torn apart.

11 – Ruby’s Sampler – I started this the New Year’s Eve 2020. I still need to write up the patterns for the blocks and of course finish making the top.  I need to make 4 more blocks.

12 – SQG BOM – The first block came out February 2021. I made 3 blocks before I stopped sewing last year to start packing.  I didn’t get a picture of the 3rd block.

In addition to the above I’m participating in a Pizza Box Challenge – one block a month with one of my guilds & I’m considering a mystery quilt with the other guild.  The retreat usually has a lotto block – I’ll try to make one; a swap block – I’ll probably skip this time; and a mystery quilt – which I may not do either.

My goal is to not start anything new, but now that I think about it, there’s a pot holder and possibly a sweatshirt jacket in my future.