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UFO Challenge #12

I said  I was done when I finished the SQG 2021 BOM. I was wrong.

This is the Green & Cream or was it Cream and Green Swap Block?  Either way, the blocks were swapped in 2006. I don’t have notes to know what group I swapped these in.  Since it is that old, I started of doing quilt-as- you-go — not my favorite method as evidenced by it still not being finished 7 years after I planned to give it as a Christmas gift! Normally, I don’t TELL the person I’m giving them a quilt so I can just kick the quilt down the line, but this time, I gave them a piece of paper that looked like this:

In the past 7 years I managed to get the top two rows sewn together and to each other and had part of the 3rd row done.  Saturday morning I decided the only way this quilt was going to be finished was if I ripped out all of the quilting and assembled it so it could be quilted on the long arm.  And that’s what I did.  Before I went to bed, I had the quilt loaded on the machine ready to start quilting it.  I stayed up Sunday night after binding it to wash and dry the quilt.

I quilted it with 40wt Glide in Thyme.  The E2E design is Fresco Feathers.

Now to decide if I’m going to try and lift the green from the batik block or leave well enough alone.

A Quilting Challenge – Really?!!

I’m living in a house which has NO room completed, so naturally, I’m going to participate in my quilt guild’s UFO Challenge.  I’ve picked 12 quilts which need to be completed and shown by December 5th, 2022.

1- Hand Quilted White Work. This is my oldest quilt “top” from sometime in 2005.  I took a hand quilting class in preparation to quilt my DWR.

2 – QIAD Green & Cream Swap from the fall of 2006. It’s my 3rd oldest UFO.

3 – Johnny’s Strip Twist.  I started this at a quilt retreat in 2016. I had problems with my 1/4″ seam, so started over. I have enough sections to make at least 2 quilts.

4 – Pink & Black Auction Crazy Strings. I bought the blocks at an auction in 2018. This will be the 3rd quilt I’ve made from them. I pulled the fabrics when I thought I was going to a Sit-n-Sew in December so I’m counting it.

5 – Christmas Wall Hanging. My SIL and I purchased the fabric for this quilt at the same time — July 2018.  Hers is finished, I have part of 1 block done.

6 – Frolic the 2019 Quiltville Mystery Quilt. This looks like it just needs to be quilted.  But I need to make the backing bigger, so I’ll be making more blocks.

7 – Baubles ‘N Beads – I made this top in August 2020 and just need to quilt it.

8 – Shimmer – I’m using the leftover fabric from Bauble ‘N Beads and Atomic Starburst to make this quilt. I started it  August 2020.

9 – Atomic Starburst – the top was completed in March 2021, which is why it’s listed after Shimmer.

10 – MQA BOM – I finished the quilt top the end of September 2021 – so it is possible to piece with the house torn apart.

11 – Ruby’s Sampler – I started this the New Year’s Eve 2020. I still need to write up the patterns for the blocks and of course finish making the top.  I need to make 4 more blocks.

12 – SQG BOM – The first block came out February 2021. I made 3 blocks before I stopped sewing last year to start packing.  I didn’t get a picture of the 3rd block.

In addition to the above I’m participating in a Pizza Box Challenge – one block a month with one of my guilds & I’m considering a mystery quilt with the other guild.  The retreat usually has a lotto block – I’ll try to make one; a swap block – I’ll probably skip this time; and a mystery quilt – which I may not do either.

My goal is to not start anything new, but now that I think about it, there’s a pot holder and possibly a sweatshirt jacket in my future.



What’s On my Design Wall


Since I posted about finishing the Blue Disappearing 9-Patch yesterday, there’s not really anything new to report on this week.  I started setting up my sewing machine to work on the Cream & Green Swap blocks, but then discovered I can’t find my thread. I’m using the same thread I used on the D9P, but have no idea where I put it when I collapsed the treadle machine.

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What’s On My Design Wall


Over the weekend I made the pillowcase for the Disappearing 9-Patch and trimmed the threads from the quilt. I’m washing it, so do not have a finished picture yet. Then I pulled out the Cream & Green Swap blocks.

I’m quilting this block by block and can’t remember how I’m connecting the blocks. So, I’m making it up as I go.  Actually, I think it got set aside because I had a ‘brilliant’ thought on how to connect the blocks and then realized it wouldn’t work.  I had that same thought and acted on it last night, only to come to the same roadblock.  I’ve revised my thinking, but didn’t get a chance to act on it.


Also this weekend, my husband and I took some furniture up to my nephew for his new home – got to love Craigslist finds. Anyway, they live about 15 miles from Crossroads Quilting and 30 miles from Missouri Star Quilting. I knew I couldn’t get a trip in to Missouri Star, but we did drive up to Crossroads.  I picked up 4 FQs. Since I don’t “need” any fabric, I tend to look for neutrals.  I’m not 100% convinced about the top FQ, but it will be OK once it’s cut up.

I’m linking up to Design Wall Monday over at Patchwork Times.  There’s also a link up at Quiltville’s Quips & Snips for En Provence which I posted about Friday. You can see my En Provence top HERE.

What’s On My Design Wall


Saturday the final borders were put on En Provence — post coming soon. Sunday,  I got the binding on the Blue Disappearing 9-Patch.  Yes, with the exception of the blue, those are recycled fabrics from shirts I’ve picked up at garage sales and thrift shops. I still need to clip threads, make one, maybe two pillowcases then wash the whole thing before it’s ready to be delivered. But in the meantime, I’ve pulled out the UFO which was supposed to be a Christmas 2015 gift.


I’ll have to sort through this pile to see where I left off. My goal is to get this quilt finished by the end of February. Hum…just over 3 weeks.  We’ll see.

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The Final Countdown – Task Three

Shelly over at Prairie Moon Quilts is again hosting the Final Countdown — a set of tasks to clear the deck so to speak to get us ready to quilt in the new year.

Task Three – Get Committed

It’s a good thing she’s given us until the 6th to do this. As weird as last year was I really haven’t given it much thought and it doesn’t look like I was committed to anything. Blogging was minimal, no ‘quilt’ finishes, although I did make a bunch of zipper pouches and a Bionic Gear Bag — that was back in the summer and the fabric is STILL sitting out on my flat surfaces — you know the ones that were part of Task Two?

My UFO count – both tops needing to be quilted and tops I’m still piecing has gone up – by a total of 5 — if my notes are correct.  Bottomline there are 25 quilt tops in the queue and another 32 quilts I’m still piecing, including En Provence which I started Thanksgiving weekend. 

Scraps and fabric is all over the place — I have piles of fabric from both Allietare and En Provence sitting about as neither quilt top is completed. The fabric from the BGB is still sitting out as I planned to make some accessories to go with it. Shoot, my bag from the quilt retreat is still half packed.

Last year I started off in numerous challenges, but in the end I dropped out. So this year I’m going to commit to the following:

  • Complete the En Provence Mystery Quilt top – I’m working on the last two clues now.enprovencechristmas
  • Quilt the Blue Disappearing 9-patch. The top was finished in January and the pieced backing sometime the first half of the year. I’ve dug out the backing and removed the cat hair. Now both the top and backing need to be pressed and sandwiched together so I can quilt it.goal2
  • The Green and Cream quilt.  This was a Christmas 2015 UFO! I unearthed it while working on the space between the cutting board and the designwall.andrea-gift
  • The blue and green Strip Twist.striptwist
  • Process the boxes of fabric scraps into the Scrap Users System. This will need to be a long-term project as I have the equivalent of 4 or 5 book boxes (if not more) worth of scraps and my pre-cut scraps are getting thin. This task also includes putting away the fabric that is laying out and about.
  • Determine what I’m going to do with the upholstery samples I picked up off of CraigsList. There are 3 boxes in the garage and in the stack by the design wall. At first glance these are  not as usable as the one I made the zipper bags from last summer.

If I can stay focused and get these six tasks done I will be thrilled. Stay tuned.



What’s on my Design Wall

Thanksgiving weekend I discovered I didn’t have anything really portable to take to a sew in.  I’m working on the Cream & Green quilt, the Double Wedding Ring and No Blue Geese — but currently it’s all in the hand work stage and rather large to tote around.  Not wanting to start anything new, I pulled down my box containing this quilt –well really just the letters and prepped about 1/2 of my letters.    This project can’t be completed until sometime in May, so I’m sporadically working on it.

In the meantime, I’m still working on my Double Wedding Ring —  Started the 6th row last night.  I’m also working on No Blue Geese.  I quilted a large pleat into the backing, so I’m having to stitch it down by hand.  Once I get that done, I’ll put the binding on and post a photo.  The Cream and Green quilt is still waiting on some handwork as well.

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What’s on my Design Wall

Yesterday I promised I’d show my progress on the Cream & Green Swap quilt. This is one of my quilts which is on several of my UFO challenge lists, including the New Year’s Eve UFO Challenge which Finn is hosting.  This weekend I got about halfway through putting two rows together.

I still need to stitch down the seam allowance on the back, and then stitch in the ditch between the sashing and first row.

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What’s on my Design Wall

Very little quilting was accomplished this weekend. After working all night Friday night/Saturday morning, I didn’t get going good until, well, I’m still not going good Sunday evening. I did get out of the house Saturday afternoon for the quilt show, then when I got home, we turned around (after a 2 hour nap on my part) and took my niece to dinner. Sunday we were out all day – church and then shopping — at a MALL. And I had new heels on. That’s a story for another time. Anyway, we finally got home about 3:30 and I put my feet up.

I worked some more on the on Double Wedding Ring, but I still have a melon, two arcs and the cornerstones and before I’ll be done with the 4th ring on the 5th row, with three more rings to get done before Wednesday. Check back Wednesday to see if I get it done.

Briefly I worked on the Cream & Green blocks — the first row is put together and I’ve got two blocks on the second row together, the backing just needs stitching down. Before long I’ll have to make a border decision.

When I bought the sashing and cornerstone fabric, I bought enough for borders and binding. I just don’t remember if I was planning on design #1 or design #2:

Option # 1

Option # 2

Both of these options makes the quilt a full size quilt. However, if I leave the borders off and just bind it in green, it will be twin size — not to mention I’ll have enough of the sashing fabric to make the body of pillow case (probably have enough to make the cuff if I go with a larger quilt).

Option # 3

This quilt doesn’t have a destination — yet — so I can’t use that as my guide. Right now I’m leaning toward no borders, but that may be because I’m tired. At least I don’t have to make that decision immediately.

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Progress and Procrastination

This week I wanted to get 4 of the Cream & Green swap blocks quilted, 2 rows of Blue Ridge Beauty assembled and finish quilting the 5th row of the Double Wedding Ring. Here it is Friday morning and I’ve finish assembling the center of Blue Ridge Beauty (admittedly I need to do a bit of ripping to fix it, but still…) and I’ve done the quilting on not 4 but 7 of the Cream & Green swap blocks (bringing my total to 12 of 20).

The good news is that the Cream & Green quilt is on my list for the New Year’s Eve UFO Challenge Finn is hosting, but all this work does mean I’ve been procrastinating on the Double Wedding Ring. But I have figured out what part of the reason is.

A couple of days ago I opened up a new package of needles. I’m not sure if it’s the older needles or the newer needles, but my fingers on the left hand are getting beat up this week — which is odd since I’m quilting with a stab stitch. Regardless of my stuck fingers, I need to get on the ball and make some progress this weekend. Check back with me next week to see if I get this 5th row quilted by Wednesday.