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Finishing the Week

Test 2 is bound.

Louisa Lattice is bound and washed.  This one is going to my Guild’s Cancer Center project.

Yesterday after binding Louisa Lattice, I pulled out the box with these pieces in it.  The crazy squares I purchased at auction a couple of years ago.  This is the 2nd quilt I’ve made from the blocks and there are at least enough blocks to make 1 more quilt. The sashing is from Quiltville’s Dancing Nines. I quilted this with “Bubbles” in Candy Apply Red thread.  The back is a piece of fabric I bought to make my husband a shirt.

2 more Easy Breezy Blocks were made.

Finally, I got the cable company to come remove their box and cable from the house to the pole.  I haven’t had cable in a number of years. Earlier this week I was up in the terraced area of the back yard and had to duck to go under the wire.  Now to get the phone company to pull the DSL line and tighten the phone cables.  I’m ducking under those too.

  • 350 Challenge March = 51
  • 350 Challenge Cumulative = 165
  • Easy Breezy = 131



Finished (or Not) Friday / One Monthly Goal

I’m starting with One Monthly Goal — Finish the wedding quilt. It still needs to be washed, but I’m calling it done. I think next month I’ll pick something a little simpler.

I used 9 Big Dream Dance in the Hummingbird colorway for the backing.

For Finish (or Not) Friday, I also have Louisa Lattice.  This was made with a bit of yardage from my stash and a layer cake called Louisa that I won during Fabric Bingo.  I’ve made a scrappy binding from the leftover squares. The back is a vintage Peter Pan floral which my mom bought years ago.

I while I was assembling the top, I made 2 more Easy Breezy blocks.

  • 350 Challenge March = 37
  • 350 Challenge Cumulative = 168
  • Easy Breezy = 129


Quilting and Piecing

The last of customer quilts is done. I had to learn a new skill  – masking. That’s when stitching out an edge to edge design you mask a spot you don’t want to stitch.

It’s not the best picture, but the “straight” lines is the boundary where I told the computer to skip.

Once I got past the masked area, I was able to do a bit of piecing.  These are the rest of the pieces for “Louisa Lattice”.  I also finished one Easy Breezy block.

  • 350 Challenge March = 17
  • 350 Challenge Cumulative = 131
  • Easy Breezy = 127

Design Wall Monday – March 14, 2021

The computerized quilting is finished on the wedding quilt.  I’m now working on the continuous curves.

I have the quilt rolled and I am ready to start the next section.  My goal is to have the quilt off the machine by this weekend.  I have someone bringing me 3 tops to quilt and I’d like to work on them next week while I’m off from work.

While the computer was finishing up, I made 3 more blocks for Louisa Lattice.  The blocks really are quick to do, but I can’t be manually running the long arm and sitting at my domestic machine at the same time. I may just try to do 3 blocks a night just to say I’ve worked on the quilt.

I’m linking up with Small Quilts and Doll Quilts for Design Wall Monday.

  • 350 Challenge March = 16
  • 350 Challenge Cumulative = 130
  • Easy Breezy = 126

So Close

I finally got to the longarm around late Saturday afternoon. At 10 PM I called it a night.  I have the last 1/2 row to stitch out with the computer, then it will be on to the continuous curves.

While the computer was doing it’s thing, I started on the layer cake project that I’m currently calling “Louise Lattice”. It’s a free pattern from The Fat Quarter Shop.

I picked out 30 of the squares to use for my quilt.  At this point I’m planing on using the remaining squares to make a scrappy binding.  But as I only have 9 blocks finished, I don’t have to worry about that.  If you look close, you can see the 2 Easy Breezy blocks I made as well.

The other day I stopped back by my brother’s after my nephew’s play and several bags of “stuff” were put in my car.  I finally brought it in looking for the needlepoint chair cushion my mom was working on.  I found the wool, but apparently the needlepoint didn’t make it back into the bag before it was put in my car.  I did however find 4 yards of this 59″ wide 4-way stretch material. It’s pretty but those flowers sure are big.

  • 350 Challenge March = 13
  • 350 Challenge Cumulative = 127
  • Easy Breezy = 126

Finished (or Not) Friday – 3/12/2021

Thursday I attended my first “public-ish” event in a year.  My nephew’s senior project was directing a one act play. Masks were required, they were taking your temperature at the door and like a big exclusive event your name had to be on the list. I enjoyed myself and hope he gets a good grade on the project. Needless to say, it was 10:30 by the time I got home.  Fortunately I had all the pieces cut for this block. It’s the 2nd one from my Guild’s BOM. This is the “Finish”.

As for the “or Not”, the wedding quilt is still on the frame with no new progress and the music theme ‘jelly roll race’ quilt is still hanging for inspiration. If you look real close you’ll see an Easy Breezy Block.  A third of the month is gone and I’ve only made 2 blocks this month.


I’m linking up with Alycia Quilts for Finished (or Not) Friday.

  • 350 Challenge March = 2
  • 350 Challenge Cumulative = 116
  • Easy Breezy = 124



This afternoon I looked out my window to see what got Butterscotch’s attention.

It was a squirrel!

It ran up and down the side of the house a couple of times.

She wasn’t the only one distracted today. The layer cake that I won playing Fabric Bingo last week was delivered. In anticipation of it’s arrival I started searching for layer cake patterns.  I ended up with Layer Cake Lattice from the Fat Quarter Shop. I found a length of a solid off white in my stash for the background, so all I’ll need is backing and binding.

I had thread/tension issues today, so just finished the circle feathers before the thunderstorms rolled in.  I’ll keep quilting in the rain, but when lighting starts flashing I shut the machine down.


Design Wall Monday – 3/8/2021

I’ve reached the halfway point in the computerized quilting of the wedding quilt. This is the center block of the quilt.

I started the next row of circle feathers and got a notice I was running out out of bobbin thread. I decided that was a good time to stop as I need to wind more bobbins.  I started with 4 bobbins. I’ll wind another 4, but expect to need a couple more before I finish the rest of the quilting.

While the computer was quilting, I was cutting and piecing.  A number of years ago I cut 2-1/2″ strips from all of my music fabric to make a jelly roll race backing for a quilt.  When I was finished I had a 44″ x 70″ piece left over. Over the past few days I’ve cut strips from the music fabric – as it turns out over twice as many as I needed to add a enough to make this 60″ x 70″. Of course now that it’s “a top”, I’m not sure I like it.  I feel it needs “something”.   So, I’m not sure this is really a “top” yet.

I’m linking up to Small Quilts and Doll Quilts for Design Wall Monday.

The Perfect Ruler

That is this is the perfect ruler for those continuous curves in the broken dish units of the wedding quilt.  I put a little Grippy spray on the back of the ruler and marked a couple of lines for reference. That shallow curve is the perfect size.

Now these are curves that I’m happy with.

This quilt only measures 30″ so it didn’t take much time at all to finish up the quilting. Here’s a view of the back.

I still need to figure out a binding, but I’m in no hurry to get this done.  For fun I hung it on the shelves with the first test quilt.

Fuchsia and purple vs red and blue. Would you believe the larger quilt shrunk nearly 6″ in both length and width?!  Of course now it nice and soft.

The backing for the wedding quilt is made.  9 Big Dream Dance in the Hummingbird colorway.  Tonight’s project is loading the quilt and winding bobbins.

Stash Enhancement

It was a beautiful day here in Kansas City.  I think it got up to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.  I started the day at the local phone repair store.  What I thought was just a crunched screen protector was actually a crunched screen on my just paid off phone. After I dropped it off I had 2 hours to kill, so I headed to the LQS where I had a gift certificate.  I found these neutral FQs which just had to come home with me.

After picking up my phone, I put the binding on the Alphabet BOM. I folded it and the Wonky Dishes quilt up to take over to another LQS and set them down while I went into another room.  I was out of the room for not more than 2 minutes and Butterscotch had found the quilts.  She actually let me pick them up and walk to the door before I decided she HAD to get down.  My cats are good Quality Control Cats.

At the shop, I picked up one last bolt of fabric from the Bolt sale.  I plan to use this floral as the backing for the Sampler quilt I working on.