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Fairy Frost Sunset

I have a new finish. This is Fairy Frost Sunset. Fairy Frost because all the colored fabric is Michael Millers Fairy Frost and Sunset as that’s the name of the pattern.  I bought this fabric years ago – January 2009 to be specific, but then didn’t work on the quilt until September 2010.  Well, I finally got it quilted and bound. It’s on my Brandon Quilters 2023 UFO list.

The quilt is roughly 56 x 79.  I used Glide 40wt in Mercury.  I used Kraker Quilting & Design’s Swirls & Feather Border Corner and Border on the outer border.  I simply stitched 1/4″ from the seams on the inner border. For the center I enlarged the Swirls & Feather #3 Block to fit the blocks.


I bought the fabric for the top at Heritage Fine Fabrics in Belton, MO back in January 2009. The quilt top was made in September 2010. I found the backing at Hobby Lobby. I loaded it on the long arm last month, finishing the binding on 4/29/23.


There was extra border and backing fabric, so I made a matching pillowcase.


Ready for Christmas?

It’s taken 4 years, but the matching pillowcases for my Christmas En Provence are done.  And the fabric is put away.

A Quick Finish of a UFO

As mentioned in my Countdown Day 1 post,  I took a class back in April 2009 on free-motion quilting on my sewing machine.  Managed to get the center done in class and simply didn’t finish the piece.  This afternoon I sewed a couple of FQ to the top and bottom so I could load it on my longarm.

Originally the intent was to do free-motion on the long arm, but I decided the piece was too small to mess with, especially since I had cool triangles I could drop into the corners.

I sewed an envelope closure and used an 18″ pillow form.


Progressing on the List

Progress was made this past weekend on The List.   Two pillowcases, 2 Flying Dutchmen blocks, and I finished Cascade with binding, a hanging sleeve and a label.

Easy Breezy = 54

40 Day Challenge – Day 40

Day 40.  I have one of the pieced borders done. Although I have enough HST to get all but 6″ of another border done I hit a wall when I discovered that I do not have enough fabric for the inner and outer border. At that point I started second guessing myself a 3rd or 4th time on how I plan to do the borders.  All I know for certain is that I need 1 3/4″ inner border before the ribbon/barber pole border.

Possible color options are light gray, dark gray, black, neutral, or a blue.

I have to buy more fabric in every situation except for the neutral – and I think it causes the border to float too much.

A brief recap of the last 40 days:

  • Bound 7 quilts
  • Added a label and delivered an overdue quilt
  • Caught up on my Star Studded BOM
  • Quilted & bound the log cabin quilt
  • Hemmed 8 pairs of pant for my niece’s wedding
  • Made 5 pillowcases
  • Completed the center of Frolic

The challenge kept me going and I’m pleased with what I accomplished. If I can figure out my border situation I’ll be able to knock the rest of the list out in the next week or two. I cannot plan on keeping this pace up.


40 Day Challenge – Day 27

If I was making Frolic as written it would be time to move on to the setting triangles.  Instead, I’ve cut neutral squares to add to the setting triangle kits and have counted the number of 4-patches I need to make to make more blocks. Eventually I’ll need to cut more fabric for the setting triangles, but I’ll worry about that another day. The blocks are not in their final location. But if you see any turned pieces, please let me know.

Today I also decided on the fabric combination for my Allietare pillowcase. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll make it – or at least get the fabric cut so I can put it away.

This is what’s left on my list. With the 3 day holiday, I might just get the list completed in the next 13 days.

  • Bind Baby 4-Patch Stacked Posies
  • The blue, black and white quilt is my Frolic the goal is to finish the top. Started with 5 blocks I need 41, 16 side setting triangles. 4 corners and the pieced borders for my enlarged quilt.
    • 3 blocks 6/26/2020
    • 3 blocks 6/27/2020
    • 6 blocks 6/28/2020
    • 3 blocks 6/29/2020
    • 5 blocks 6/30/2020
  • Bonus #1 – Pillowcases:
    • Allietare
    • Narragansett Blues
  • Bonus #2: Pillowcases for quilts already completed
    • Christmas Crazy 8s
    • En Provence (2)
    • Carolina Chain
  • Bonus #3: Quilt, bind, label and make pillowcase (2) for Frolic.


40 Day Challenge – Day 13

Day 13 – I finished up the 2nd set of 6-inch blocks, then decided I wanted to make some pillowcases so when I wash the quilts I can wash the cases. I’ll put the clean quilt in their respective case then in the closet since my quilt cabinet is full.

First is On Ringo Lake. There are a few extra seams in this case as I only had a 20-ish by 108″ piece of backing, a FQ of the brown and maybe a 36″ x 14″ piece of the cuff material. But I made it work.

Good Fortune is the quilt I bought the butterfly backing for but when I saw this fabric I knew it had to be the backing.  Apparently I bought enough of it for two pillowcases, but failed to get enough of the pink. I was out of town when I bought the fabric, I ordered additional pink fabric and either the name on my original receipt was wrong, I ordered the wrong pink or I was sent the wrong pink. I didn’t discover that until tonight, so there is just one pillowcase. It only has 1 extra seam as apparently I started using the accent fabric as a neutral in my Frolic.

The orange blue in the lower right corner is Sherbert. She decided she had to be right where I was taking pictures.

Here’s the current status:

  • A customer’s quilt – binding needs to be pressed, then can be attached and stitched down 6/6/2020
  • Allietaire – plan do do both scallops and a 2 color binding.
  • Narragansett Blues 6/11/2020
  • Sister Swap # 3 – The binding is made just needs to be attached and stitched down 6/6/2020
  • Then & Now 6/7/2020
  • Baby 4-Patch Stacked Posies
  • Tablerunner – Finally figured out what I am going to use – 6/7/2020
  • The quilt with the striped backing needs a label and delivered
  • I’m behind on my Star Studded BOM. I have fabric for 7 12-inch blocks and 23 6-inch blocks as of 6/12/2020
    • 5 6-inch blocks made 6/13/2020
    • 2 12-inch blocks made 6/14/2020
    • 6 6-inch blocks made on 6/16/2020
  • The log cabin quilt needs to be quilted, bound and labeled.
  • The blue, black and white quilt is my Frolic the goal is to finish the top.
  • Although not quilting, there are 8 pair of pants which need to be shortened.
    • 2 pair hemmed 6/8/2020
    • 2 pair hemmed 6/9/2020
    • 1 pair hemmed 6/12/2020
    • 3 pair hemmed 6/13/2020
  • Bonus #1 – Pillowcases:
    • the customer quilt 6/6/2020
    • Allietare
    • Narragansett Blues
    • Log cabin quilt (2)
  • Bonus #2: Pillowcases for quilts already completed
    • Christmas Crazy 8s
    • On Ringo Lake 6/16/2020
    • En Provence (2)
    • Carolina Chain
    • Good Fortune 6/16/2020
  • Bonus #3: Quilt, bind, label and make pillowcase (2) for Frolic.


I Cheated



I made the pillowcase on my “new” machine instead of the treadle.  The print wasn’t square on the fabric so I had to make an executive decision.  Square along the length or square along the cuff. I opted for the length.


Finished two pillowcases today.  These go with this quilt.

A Start & Finish in One Night

Ok, it’s not a quilt, but it is fabric out of my stash! A while back a friend gave me a pillowcase kit and as simple as pillow cases are to make (although I make them harder encasing all seams) I simply had not gotten around to making this up. So tonight after shopping for what seemed like hours (wait, it was hours — not that we bought a whole lot), this was all my brain could handle.

Before we left for shopping, I finished binding the 4-Patch Race Car quilt. I need to put the label on it and wash it, then I’ll get a picture posted.