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Another SBS Block

L8 – Kansas Troubles

This is the 10th block I’ve made this month for my Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler. That’s one for each week of the SBS BOW and 5 from the SBS Offline Quilters Challenge. It brings my total up to 64 out of 140 blocks.

There’s a new tab “sbs” which shows all of the blocks I’ve completed on a virtual design wall. Unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to just plug in my latest blocks to update the wall on-line. What you see is a screen shot of the “wall” I have on my laptop. Don’t expect it to be updated more than once a month.

SBS Block Due 8/29

N9 – Broken Dishes

63 of 140


I now have one row of blocks completed.  A6 – Tennessee was the last block I needed to finish Row A.

62 of 140

What’s On My Design Wall

Bits and pieces of several things.  The blocks at the top left are the first two blocks from the Kaw Valley Quilters Guild block of the month.   The two blocks on the far right are a couple of swap blocks.  I’ve got one more to do this month and then I’ll get them in the mail.

The two rows of 6″ blocks are the blocks from Row A of Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler.  I’m currently working on A6 – Tennessee and then I’ll be done with Row A.

Finally, the two 3″ pinwheels may or may not end up in a miniature quilt. They could just as easily end up in the Orphan Block box.

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SBS Block # 3 for Today

A8 – Star of the Orient

One more block on Row A and I’ll have the entire row done!

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Another SBS Block

A7 – Cats and Mice

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SBS Block

A4 – Posies ‘Round the Square

When the quilt is finished, I’ll try to remember to find tiny flat buttons to put in the center of circles.  I just don’t think I can appliqué something that small.  The first time I did this block, I didn’t even appliqué the leaves.

This block, along with the 4 others I did originally are in the orphan block box to be use in a future project.

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SBS Block Due 8/22

G-10 Arizona

Since  I had my 30’s prints out, I made a second block.

D-2  Milky Way

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What’s On My Design Wall

The Design Floor had Oklahoma Backroads on it for a photo.   It’s in 8 pieces and I’ve got it pinned for the next 4 seams.  Later this week I think I’ll be asking for advice on a border.  Right now I’m leaning toward no border and a red binding — the same red that I used as the cornerstones in my Texas Braid.

On the Design Wall I have 6 blocks from Row A of Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler.  I hope having them up on the wall will encourage me to get the other four blocks from Row A done sooner than later.

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SBS Block

A – 5 Amethyst

The challenge this month for  the SBS_Offline_Quilters is 5 blocks from Row A.  If I complete the challenge this month, I’ll have the entire row completed as I already have 5 blocks done.  The other four I have left to complete are A4 – Posies ‘Round the Square,  A6 – Tennessee and A7 – Cats and Mice,  and A8 – Star of the Orient.

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