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Diamond Links

DiamondLinksFrontDoneDiamond Links was the 2007 Mystery Quilt on the Yahoo! Group apocketfullofmysteries owned by Dorothy Young. It’s been a top so long and I’ve gone through a couple of computers I’m not sure I even have the pattern any more. Unlike more recent mysteries where I pull from my stash, most, if not all of the fabric was purchased specifically for this quilt.

A couple of people have commented on the border fabric.  It is Pattern # BTR-4407 from Blank Quilting with a copyright of 2006. The pillowcase fabric is Masquerade IV by fresh designs for Henry Glass & Co. Pattern # 9246. I bought it while back as well.

I rented time on a long arm back in January 2013, but ran into some issues and brought the quilt home. Where it sat and sat and sat. It hit the Crazy Challenge II list as a wedding gift so I needed to get it done. I finished the quilting on my DSM, the used ‘Susie’s Magic Binding’ to quickly bind the quilt.

The quilt also has a bit of ‘back art’


and of course pillowcases.


A couple of notes on the pictures. Turns out there wasn’t a good place to prevent shadows. I guess I’ve got to get out earlier in the day for shadow free pictures. Cropped out of the first picture, but visible in the second is the temporary hanging sleeve — I simply pinned it on for the pictures.

  • Top Started: January 2007
  • Top Completed: 3/18/2007
  • Quilting Started: January 2012
  • Quilt Completed: 9/30/2015
  • Batting: Warm & Natural
  • Thread: Superior Threads King Tut #40/3 Color # 978 “Rosetta Stone” on the top and Black Bottom Line in the bobbin
  • Measures 74″ x 91″ after washing

This quilt is on my list for the 3rd Quarter Finish Along – but only because I included everything on the list. I’m sending it to Aunt Marti for the UFO Parade, but since I didn’t get the picture until after 5 it will be in next month’s parade. It’s also being sent in for the 2015 UFO Busting over at Field Trips in Fiber.  It is part of my Crazy Challenge II which started August 15th.

What’s On My Design Wall



Not really my design wall, but it’s what I finished up after watching the eclipse last night.  This is Diamond Links and the quilting is complete. So, up next is binding. Since it’s been a couple of years since I started the quilting, I have no idea what I was planning on using for the binding, but I’ve decided to do use the red inner border fabric as a faux piping and the border fabric as the binding.

Here are a couple of the pics I took of the moon last night.



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Diamond Links



Diamond Links is a Dorothy Young pattern that I started in 2007, but didn’t get the borders on until 2012. It was also in 2012 that rented time on a long arm to quilt it, but never finished. I only lacked 2-1/2 to 3 rows, plus the borders — which I was planning to quilt on my DSM. So, here we are 3 years later and I’m gettin’ it done.

I didn’t have a really good plan on how I was going to quilt this quilt, so there are ‘chains’, ‘continuous’ stitching and a bit of stitch in the ditch for traveling. The yellow pins are marking the rows where I’ve finished the chains and continuous stitching. I still have to figure out the traveling stitches, possibly something for the white square between the red chains and of course the borders.

My goal is to have this finished by the end of the week, but it may be more realistic to set the goal for the the end of the month.

May’s Progress / June’s Goals

Here it is the first of June and time to check on my quilting goals. Except for the Star-A-Day (my husband is calling Star-A-Week) I got everything done.

  • Finish the graduation quilt by the 16th – Donegradquiltdone-top-tweak
  • Finish Orca Bay – Doneorcabaydone2
  • Trace and cut stars for the Star-Every-Other-Day Quilt (I’m not even certain I can pull that off – we’ll have to see) – Didn’t touch!
  • Regroup on Sew Scrappy – Donesewscrappy-cut
  • Cut squares from my recycled shirts and associated solids for 3 different Disappearing 9-patches in preparation for the Retreat. – Donedw0525-2

Finishing Eye Fooler allowed me to add to my Block Count over at Prairie Moon Quilts.

  • 350 Block Report: 27 for a total of 151 – ahead of the year to date goal of 140

The UFO Busting Report with these finishes and starts looks like this:

  • # of Projects in Process May 1st: 63
  • # of Projects Completed: 2 (Orca Bay & Eye Fooler)
  • # of new Projects started: 3 (3 DP9)
  • # of projects declared orphans 1 (2011 BOM)
  • # of Projects in Process May 31th: 63

So, what’s up for June?

  • Complete the 3 Disappearing 9-patch tops
  • Complete the Sew Scrappy top
  • Finish Diamond Links
  • Make progress on the Star-A-Day quilt

Will I get everything done or get diverted by another project? Only time will tell.

What’s On My Design Wall

Bits and pieces of several things.  The blocks at the top left are the first two blocks from the Kaw Valley Quilters Guild block of the month.   The two blocks on the far right are a couple of swap blocks.  I’ve got one more to do this month and then I’ll get them in the mail.

The two rows of 6″ blocks are the blocks from Row A of Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler.  I’m currently working on A6 – Tennessee and then I’ll be done with Row A.

Finally, the two 3″ pinwheels may or may not end up in a miniature quilt. They could just as easily end up in the Orphan Block box.

See if others are bouncing between multiple projects by following the links over at Patchwork Times.

Diamond Links

Diamond Links

I finished this quilt top back in March 2007 with no idea of who it would go to when it was quilted. I now know where it’s going and have to figure out how to quilt it — or if I want to send it out to be quilted. Since I need it mid-January, I guess I best start to figure this out. I’ll not be able to work on it until mid-October after I finish the DWR top and the quilting on Joshua’s quilt.