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Cleaning aka Distracted

I estimate that I have another 8 hours to go before I complete my En Provence quilt top. The pattern is still available HERE through the end of the month.


Block #13 is sewn into rows, waiting to be finished. But I haven’t turned my sewing machine on today. Instead of I’ve been cleaning.

Back at the end of the year, Task One of the final count down was to get your stash under control. Task Two was tackle the flat surfaces. For me these two tasks are basically the same thing.  Invariably there are piles of fabric laying around at the point I finish a quilt top — or get it to a stopping point. My Allietare and En Provence fabrics were stacked here and there, not that either top is finished, but both are to the point where I know what fabric will be needed to complete them. So, I allowed myself to get distracted.


I’ve been folding fabric. This is supposed to be the ‘floral’ box, but given the red & green box is stuffed, I’ve hijacked the box temporarily. I’ve also hijacked the black and white & red and white box, moving that fabric into this box. Which has made room for the larger pieces of fabric.



I can’t say that all of the loose fabric is folded – I forgot about this box of fabric and the pile under the lid, but I have cleared the shelves of loose fabric – except for the binding fabric for the Disappearing 9-Patch.


Now I have a pile of fabric which needs to be cut up into strips, bricks and squares.


But I think  I want to consider what exactly I made be making next.  Why yes, I’m thinking about a new quilt. I’m considering using these 4-patches as the starter.


I don’t really have enough to do anything — yet. 43 3-inch black and white 4-patches and 32 red and white 4-patches.  I have red fabric that needs to be cut into strips on the ironing board, there is white fabric on top of the shoe box and in the box is some black fabric.  Now, to figure out a quilt design.

Or I can spend my next 8 hours quilting and finish the En Provence quilt top so I can get to quilting the Disappearing 9-patch.


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