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New Fabric



My sister offered to let me raid her stash.  So, I did.  6 yards of the pinky-purple to use as the backing and maybe pillowcase for Jared Takes a Wife and a yard each of the gold and green. The gold is for binding Scrappy Trips and a cuff for a pillowcase and I was thinking the green for the accent color in a two color binding.

I want to do the two color binding not necessarily because I think the quilt needs it, but because it will make stitching the binding down via the treadle much easier.  But now that I have it home, I think the bright gold would be the better accent color — but the green won’t look good with the backing. Needless to say, I’m still pondering the binding.

But many thanks to my sister for letting me raid her stash.  I suspect at some point in the future she’ll be raiding mine.

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