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UFO Busting

I really want to bust a few UFOs. Of course to do that, I need to stop starting new projects.  Over the past 6 years my UFO count – both quilts in progress and tops waiting to be quilted — has fluctuated between a low of 67 in 2012 and a high of 76 in 2011.  As of January 1st the number was 69.  The specifics are listed in the tabs: Tops to be Quilted and Quilts in Progress.

Vicki over at Field Trips in Fiber is hosting a UFO Busting Link up.  She’s asking us to be accountable for the # of UFOs as of the Link Up Day, the # of projects finished since the last link up and the # of project started since the last link up.  I expected that last question may just keep me in line.  This month she is also asking about our oldest UFO.

Here are my first link up #s:

  • Open Projects: 69
  • Projects Started since the last link up: 0
  • Projects Finished since the last link up: 0

As for my oldest UFO — it’s the Christmas BOM which I started in August 2003. I’m patiently waiting for the border fabric to arrive so I can finish the top. Quilting will be down the road, as I  have no idea what color thread to use or how to quilt it.



In the meantime, I finished quilting another UFO and just need to get it squared and bound. Pictures when that happens – hopefully this week.

Here’s this month’s link up.

2 Thoughts on “UFO Busting

  1. You have another blog to link up your UFO progress. Good for you to get your numbers down. I dont’ want to add more self imposed pressure. It takes the FUN out of it for me. I’ll be watching your BLog for all the pretty finishes!

  2. I have to snicker Pam, you’ve really been knocking out the UFOs almost as long as I’ve known you and I’ve been impressed. (I’ve not gotten much done) But to see the numbers, wow! It looks like you’ve not done anything. I’m proud of you tho, I know you’ve done a LOT. I’d talked myself into not starting any quilts until I get one done. But then I find myself not quilting at all. I even gave awayn a bunch of blocks from swaps, so most of what I have can be easily done. I sit here thinking I want to go sew, but then I don’t want to work on the UFOs so I wasn’t doing anything. grrr, This year, I’ve given myself permission to work on some new things. I may just have to give away more of my UFOs.

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