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Quilting The Chain Event

Pattern - The Chain Event

This is one of my 7 by June 10 by June quilts.  I found the backing fabric last month and now that I’ve met the 2nd deadline with the Mini Ohio Star quilt, it’s on to the next one.

My original intent was to do a bit of grid work on my machine here at home, but yesterday I pulled it out and hung it on the shelves for my subconscious to work on it.  Which worked — to a point.  I’m going to take this quilt down to Rocking Chair Quilts and quilt it on the longarm.  I’ve figured out the quilting for the blocks and setting squares/triangles, but I have no clue what I’m going to do in the peach and green borders.

This is my goal for the pieced blocks.  I can’t remember if the machine can handle a 12″ block on point or not. So, I’ve figured out how to do this in two passes — I fact, I like it better in two passes than just one!

The setting squares and triangles will get a large fan/plume, for lack of a better description.  I’m really glad this print is so busy — it won’t be possible to see my quilting!  I’m going to use a camel thread, so I suppose it won’t be completely invisible.

This is roughly how I’m envisioning the quilting. But what to do in the peach and green borders? The peach border is 2″ and the green 6″ wide. Maybe my subconscious will think of something.

One Thought on “Quilting The Chain Event

  1. Feathers or swirls woould be cool. When I did my DD #2 Chain Event I did an all over swirl with leaves.

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