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What’s On My Design Wall


First off, I finished the quilting and binding on this quilt for Sydney.  She pieced the top. It measures about 51″ square. I think she’s giving it to her cousin.

As for my own quilts…


All the green star points have been sewn, so into pairs and then I can start piecing the blocks.


I cut the squares for the replacement 4-patches for this UFO. The original 4-patches are bright white and the blocks are off white/cream.  I’ve got 6 different light fabrics to use in the border. These are going to be my leader/enders at the retreat this weekend.


My projects are packed – Orca Bay (Bonnie Hunter, String Fling) is in the box — ooh I need to go find my Flying Geese Ruler for “squaring” the geese  and put them in the box with the rest of the rulers I’m taking with me (12-1/2″ square, 6″ x 12″, Easy Angle and Companion Angle).

Under the box is the box with Jared Takes a Wife and the zipper bag with Candy Sunflower Seeds (The Chain Event by Dorothy Young).  In the flat zip bag is the fabric and instructions for my “August  C” done in black and batiks.

The plan for today is to make progress on Eeyore. I’d really like to have the applique done by before I go to the retreat.  We’ll see if that happens.


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What’s on my Design Wall

There are a couple of things today on my “design table”  First is the Neutral Strip Twist.  Frogging part of the border only took about 30 minutes last night and I was able to finish up the quilting and trim it.  It’ s now ready for the binding.  The strips are sewn together (at least I think they are) but they need to be pressed.  I’m working on a new name — something with “sand” in the title.

Next up is The Chain Event, which I’ll probably rename as “Memories of Home” since the Magnolia is the state flower of Mississippi.  I quilted this yesterday on the long arm at Rocking Chair Quilts.  I’ll get better pictures after I finish the quilting.   I still need to quilt the borders.


Follow the links over at Patchwork Times to see what others are working on.

Quilting The Chain Event

Pattern - The Chain Event

This is one of my 7 by June 10 by June quilts.  I found the backing fabric last month and now that I’ve met the 2nd deadline with the Mini Ohio Star quilt, it’s on to the next one.

My original intent was to do a bit of grid work on my machine here at home, but yesterday I pulled it out and hung it on the shelves for my subconscious to work on it.  Which worked — to a point.  I’m going to take this quilt down to Rocking Chair Quilts and quilt it on the longarm.  I’ve figured out the quilting for the blocks and setting squares/triangles, but I have no clue what I’m going to do in the peach and green borders.

This is my goal for the pieced blocks.  I can’t remember if the machine can handle a 12″ block on point or not. So, I’ve figured out how to do this in two passes — I fact, I like it better in two passes than just one!

The setting squares and triangles will get a large fan/plume, for lack of a better description.  I’m really glad this print is so busy — it won’t be possible to see my quilting!  I’m going to use a camel thread, so I suppose it won’t be completely invisible.

This is roughly how I’m envisioning the quilting. But what to do in the peach and green borders? The peach border is 2″ and the green 6″ wide. Maybe my subconscious will think of something.

Must Have Lost My Mind

I started off the year with a bang, but here we are a bit over 10 weeks into the new year and I have 3 quilts completely cut out — 2 with the borders!  This is cannot be good for the UFO count.  To further illustrate that I’ve lost my mind, I’m planning on taking all 3 of them with me this weekend to a sew-in.

The bag on the left is Bonnie Hunter’s Fun With Bricks.  This started innocently enough as a leader/ender project in January.  The bag on the right is the Dragonfly quilt.  The middle is a red, white & blue scrappy twin size version of the Mystery Quilt I wrote for the April retreat.

Add to this that my husband has just convinced me that I need to quilt and bind six quilts before the end of June and now I know I have lost my mind. This does not include anything which is on my UFO list or any other project I want to finish sooner than later.  At least four of the quilts are completed tops.

Here they are:

Pattern - BQ2

Quilt #1 – 54 x 70.  I have enough fabric to make a second identical quilt and bind them both in the purple.  I may use the fabric to make the backing.  No idea on the thread color or quilting motif.

Pattern Old Tobacco Road

Quilt # 2 – 70 x 100  When I started the quilt in Purple, Green & Yellow, I was thinking “Mardi Gras” and purchased either 1/2 yard or yard of Mardi Gras frogs.  I may look for some more Mardi Gras fabric for the back.  The purple binding is made and tucked in with the quilt and frogs.


Pattern Victoria's Rose

Quilt # 3 – 68 x 86.  I have a  piece of the border fabric left in the stash.  The floral, pink and green fabrics, along with a stripe and a small floral print were part of a bundle.  I found more of the floral on-line, but don’t think I there is enough for the backing.  My spreadsheet says I have ‘binding fabric’.

Oh, my.  I just thought of something.  I really want pillow cases to go with each of these quilts.  Have I mentioned I’ve lost my mind?


Pattern - The Chain Event

Quilt #4 – 74 x 88.   I thought I had backing fabric for this quilt top, but when I inventoried my quilts tops and UFOs last year, I discovered I only had binding fabric.


Pattern - Disappearing 9-patch Variation

Quilt # 5 – 60 x 76. It’s a variation because I’m not making 9-patches and I’ve changed the size of the pieces.  It just worked better for the size quilt I wanted to make.  Fortunately I have the backing fabric – a great dragonfly print I found on-line and the binding has been cut, just not made.  So, if I finish piecing the top this weekend, this will be the first quilt I get done.


Pattern - Crossword Puzzle

Quilt # 6 – size unknown.  The size is unknown because this is still a work in progress.  I have about 1/2 of the letters made.  This one is going to the April quilt retreat.

I think my husband wanted to suggest a 7th quilt, but quickly left the room before I could throw something at him. Good thing I put the following qualifier in my UFO Challenge rules:

There will be occasions when a quilt will need to get moved to the top of the line regardless of the # pulled for the month. In those instances, I’ll either swap the #s if they are on this list, or if the quilt doesn’t have an assigned #, but is on either tab as of January 1, 2011, I’ll substitute it for the current # drawn. After all the goal is to get quilts off the UFO list.